New Relationships on the East Coast: Alliancing, Labour Relations at Hibernia, the Sable Gas Joint Public Review


  • Doug Black
  • Van Penick
  • Brad Gilmour



Energy Law, Petroleum Law


The authors examine the need for new and innovative approaches to oil and gas operations in light of the changing economic culture. In particular, the need for environmental assessments, alternative financing arrangements, complex tax rules and increased cross-border associations all require a more cooperative and flexible approach to completing a successful resource project. The authors canvass three major developments: (1) the need for and the benefits and disadvantages of alliancing including contract formation, current alliances in the Canadian off-shore petroleum industry; (2) the impact of labour relations on the off-shore petroleum industry using the Hibernia project as an illustration; and (3) the joint public review panel on the Sable Gas project as an indicator of public participation.