Comparison of Legislation Affecting Foreign Exploitation of Oil and Gas Resources in Oil Producing Countries


  • Martin M. Olisa



Energy Law, Petroleum Law


Foreign investment in Canada, not only in the oil and gas industry but in all Canadian industry, is topical issue. This article summarizes and compares the typical legislative and contractual provisions that are used by the govern ments of other oil producing countries with respect to the terms and con ditions upon which the oil and gas industry can participate in the explora tion and production of their oil and gas resources. The article discusses the requirements that are imposed on foreign applicants for oil and gas rights, the methods used to maximize the returns to the host country, the stipula tions with respect to government participation in and supervision of the foreign enterprise, and leaves it to the reader to decide for himself whether any such provisions or similar provisions should be applied to foreign par ticipation in the Canadian oil and gas industry.