A Review of the National Energy Board Policies and Practices and Recent Hearings


  • R. J. Gibbs
  • D. W. MacFarlane
  • H. J. Knowles
  • F. W. Kelly
  • C. R. Fetherston
  • L. B. Bannicke




Energy Law, Petroleum Law


Under the National Energy Board Act and Regulations thereunder, a purchaser who intends to export natural gas from Canada must obtain an export licence from the National Energy Board. In the fall of 1969, the National Energy Board had be{ ore it several applications for licences to export natural gas in a total amount which was quite large in relation to the previously licenced ·exports. In addition to combining the applications for export licences, the Board decided that the combined hearing would be an opportune occassion for it to reconsider the criteria and practices which it had used in the past to deal with applications for gas export licences, and as such, the Board invited the applicants, six of the provinces and three industry associations, to present evidence and argument with respect to general policy matters to be fallowed by the Board. This article is a study of the said hearing and consists of an outline of the legislative background to the National Energy Board Act, a review of the past policies of the Board, a description of the practices and procedures of the Board, a commentary on several of the submissions made to the Board and a summary of the positions taken by the various parties and intervenors.