Recent Regulatory and Legislative Developments of Interest to Oil and Gas Lawyers


  • Alan Harvie
  • Terrance M. Hughes



Energy Law, Petroleum Law


This article identifies and outlines significant regulatory decisions, legislative changes and regulatory policy developments occurring from April 2003 through March 2004 that primarily affect the midstream and upstream oil and gas industry in Canada. It begins by reviewing major National Energy Board (NEB) decisions, including pipeline and powerline applications and recent toll and tariff rulings. The NEB portion of the article outlines important procedural issues, such as Appropriate Dispute Resolution, a new Filing Manual and pre-application meetings with staff members. The article emphasizes the significant impact that NEB decisions have on the Canadian energy industry. The authors also highlight applications in environmentally sensitive or urban areas, special well spacing requests and joint review panel decisions concerning oil sands projects. Directives and guidelines from Alberta Energy and Utilities Board concerning the gas over bitumen issue are mentioned. In addition, the authors examine a series of legislative developments that will impact the industry, including amendments to various statutes and regulations by the Canadian. Alberta and British Columbia governments.