Recent Regulatory and Legislative Developments of Interest to Oil and Gas Lawyers


  • John Gruber Thackray Burgess.



This article canvasses significant regulatory and legislative development in oil and gas law during the period April 2004 to March 2005. Selected contributions of courts (the Federal Court of Appeal, Alberta Court of Appeal, and Alberta Court of Queen's Bench), regulatory bodies (the National Energy Board, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, and the Alberta Environmental Appeals Board), and legislators (at the federal and provincial levels) are summarized and analyzed, followed by a discussion of policy initiatives. The article deals with a variety of developments, highlighting themes of considerable importance to oil and gas Iaw.  These include: the continuing effects of GB 2003-028 on gas/bitumen conservation policy, the consequences of the recent regulatory decisions of the National Energy Board on TransCanada Pipelines Limited tolls on upstream and midstream companies and, more generally, changes to energy legislation in Alberta and British Columbia.