Limitation Periods for the Enforcement of Foreign Judgments: Laasch v. Turenne


  • Nicholas Rafferty Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Calgary



Laasch v. Turenne raised important questions about the available options for the enforcement of foreign judgments in Alberta and emphasized the need for foreign judgment creditors to act very quickly indeed to secure such enforcement. Nathan Laasch was just 16 years old when, in November 2000, he suffered heart failure which resulted in his serious and permanent disability. He lived in Montana and had attended the office of the defendant, Dr. Turenne, on two occasions complaining of episodes of a rapid heart rate, chest discomfort, and lightheadedess. Dr. Turenne also lived in Montana where she practised medicine. She had apparently concluded that she could not diagnose the cause of Nathan’s problems, but nonetheless prescribed and administered a beta-blocker. It transpired that Nathan was suffering from Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and that beta-blockers were contraindicated for that disease.




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