Hydrogen Roadmap: Policy, Regulation, and Prospect for Future Developments in Alberta


  • Gavin Fitch
  • Michael Barbero
  • Kimberly Wasylenchuk


The world is decarbonizing and stakeholders are taking steps towards transitioning from fossil fuels to alternatives. Certain governments and industries — such as those in Alberta— have a keen desire to manage this transition in a manner that lessens or avoids significant declines in economies heavily reliant on traditional oil and gas development. Hydrogen is a unique clean energy alternative put forward as a path which can balance these tensions.

This article provides a high-level overview of hydrogen, including what makes it attractive as a “clean” fuel as well as its limitations, and examines domestic and international policies, regulations, and prospects for future hydrogen development. By bringing together the Alberta, federal, and international perspectives, this article aims to answer the question of whether regulatory and legislative reform is needed in Alberta to adapt to hydrogen and ultimately suggests that minor amendments to existing regimes are sufficient at this time.