Sunday Observance Legislation in Alberta


  • Robert Curtis



With the increasing emphasis ofsecularization in our society, and the declining importance of religious activities, Sunday observance legislation may have lost its original impetus. Mr. Curtis, in this article, examines the historical development and the present state of Sunday observance legislation in terms of its continued validity. By analyzing the recent cases ofBoardwalk Merchant's MartandRobertson&Rosetanniv.The Queen,he raises important questions as to whether such legislation is constitutionally valid Dominion Legislation, either as criminal legislation, or in view of the Canadian Bill of Rights. But even though he concludes that the decline of religious significance of the legislation and its resulting secularization may have removed it from the domainoffederal power, Mr. Curtis suggests that such legislation may not be either appropriate provincial legislation in this "day and age", or even value in terms of the Alberta BillofRights.