The Participatory Environment in Alberta


  • P. S. Elder



The compiled materials on Statutory Limitation Periods in Alberta Statutes which appear in this edition of the Alberta Law Review were prepared by the Institute of Law Research and Reform pursuant to proposal made by Mr. Gerald Masuch, the editor of the Alberta Law Review in 1973-1974. Whereas the materials gathered represent an attempt to be as thorough as possible in locating the limitation periods contained in the Revised Statutes of Alberta 1970 and the subsequent yearly volumes of the Alberta Statutes through 1973, the Institute of Law Research and Reform does not represent the absolute accuracy or absolute coverage of this material which should, in this event, not be considered as exhaustive. It is to be noted in this regard, that no perusal was made of the Alberta Regulations to determine, inter alia, the existence or otherwise of any limitation periods which might affect the viability of cause of action or the jurisdiction of an ad ministrative board or tribunal. It is hoped that this compilation of limitation periods will serve as han dy reference to members of the legal profession in the Province as well as others who may have dealings which require the strict compliance with statutory procedures. The use of such reference should not, of course, be a substitute for direct reference to the statute(s) in question.