Drug Dependence: An Analysis


  • W. G. Dewhurst




Dr. Dewhurst favours the establishment of scientific biological criteria to assess the effect of drugs on man and on society and to aid in the re form of contemporary drug legislation. He contends that current tripartite legislation develops three approaches to problem which the medical profession views as singular. Thus the legislation leads to legal and social paradox. The author proceeds to view the extent of the modern drug pro blem through available data and suggests that the recent upsurge in drug use is largely attributable to the effective marketing procedures of illicit drug manufacturers. These marketing techniques cater to the human long ing for euphoria, and the desire to repeat the euphoria, artificially produced by drugs, may lead to increased use and produce delirium which seriously reduces the users social productivity and life-expectancy. The author con cludes that bans placed on drugs have been largely ineffective in control ling distribution and use. The result is situation, produced by general human needs and illicit marketing procedures, over which society has no control The solution proposed is to regain control by allowing certain drugs to be cheaply distributed under the control of the medical profession and to legalize other drugs through the passage of legislation similar to provincial liquor legislation.