Advocacy in the New Millennium


  • Fred Ferguson



Practicing good advocacy in the new millennium may not be that different than it was in the century just past. What is different are some of the new challenges to be faced in becoming and remaining an effective and successful advocate. The foundations of skillful advocacy are best set down at the outset of one's legal career, and the development of the art must at all times be considered from its human, legal, and ethical sides. While the evolution of the practice of law is built upon the careful and steady historical ascendancy of precedent, there are practices and rules in our age that need to be critically examined. In this lecture, delivered before an audience comprised mainly of people newly entering the legal profession, the author shares his thoughts on the contemporary practice and ethical strictures of good advocacy. He draws on a wide body of knowledge, personal experience, and established practices in the legal profession, and imparts lessons on a thorough range of advocacy topics, including the importance of preparation and presentation, the art of examination and cross examination of witnesses, and tactics for addressing juries.




Milvain Lecture