• Val Napoleon LL.B., Ph.D. (Law).



Val Napoleon is the Coordinator for this Special Issue of the Alberta Law Review on Restorative Justice. In this issue, we present a range of articles that explore some of the many critical questions in the contested and dynamic field of restorative justice. We set out to provide a space for a deep and critical engagement with the complex questions and issues in the field and, with this issue, we have succeeded in creating just such a space where these challenging conversations can take place. This issue brings together an interesting and diverse group of nine authors who bring different perspectives, experiences, and wide-ranging approaches to both the practice and theory of restorative justice.

Author Biography

Val Napoleon, LL.B., Ph.D. (Law).

Val Napoleon is of Cree heritage and is an adopted member of the Gitksan nation. She is a cross-appointed associate professor with the University of Alberta teaching in the faculties of native studies and law. Her doctoral research focused on a substantive articulation of Gitksan law and the development of a Gitksan legal theory. In June 2010, Val was awarded the University of Victoria’s Governor General’s Gold Medal for her dissertation entitled Ayook: Gitksan Law, Legal Order, and Legal Theory. She publishes and teaches in areas of Aboriginal legal issues, Indigenous legal traditions, Indigenous feminism, oral histories, restorative justice, and governance. She is very grateful to the amazing and hard-working Co-Editors-in-Chief, Holly Juska and Steven Rohatyn, who have ably brought this issue to its conclusion.