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L'Hirondelle, Lucy
La Forest Q.C., G. V.
LaBoucane-Benson, Patti, PhD Human Ecology (Alberta)
LaBrie, F. E.
Lai, Derek, Student-at-law, Alberta Court of Appeal and Field Law in Edmonton Alberta, then returning to the Edmonton Police Service as an in-house legal advisor.
Laidlaw, David
Laing, Ian, Counsel, Law Department, Imperial Oil Limited
Laing, Ian R., Assistant General Counsel, Imperial Oil Limited
Lalonde, Paul M., LLB, Dentons Canada LLP, Toronto.
Lamb, Andrew, Associate, Energy and Natural Resources Group, Bennett Jones LLP. Calgary. Alberta.
Lamoureux, Adam
Laschuk, R. B.
Laskin, The Honourable Mr. Justice Bora
Laskin, The Rt. Hon. Bora
Latta, K.
Laurin, William M., Vice-President and General Counsel, Native American Resource Partners
Laux, F. A.
Lavoie, Moira
Laycraft, J. H.
Laycraft, Q.C., J. H.
Lazare, Jodi
Leach , Andrew
LeClair, Brooklyn
Lederman, W.R.
Lee, Damien, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Ryerson University; Associate Fellow, Yellowhead Institute.
Lee, Jung, Director of Legal Services, Encana Corporation, Calgary, Alberta.
Lee, Lesley
Lee-Andersen, Selina
Leew, Edward A.
LeGeyt, David
Leigh, L. H.
Leitl, Steven H., Senior Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP, Calgary, Alberta.
Lemmens, Matti
Lenz, Ken
Lessard, Hester, Professor Emerita, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria
Lessard, Hester (Canada)
Letourneau, Laura, Apache Canada Ltd.
Lewis, D. E.
Lewis, Robert M.
Lewis, Q.C., D. E.
Lewis, Q.C., D. E., Regional Solicitor, Imperial Oil Limited
Liew, Jamie C.Y.
Lilles, Heather, Student, University of Calgary
Lim, Jessica
Lin, Li-Wen
Lindberg, Darcy
Linden, Allen, Retired Justice of the Federal Court of Appeal
Lindner, Justine, Associate, McCarthy Tétrault LLP, Toronto.
Liu, Yi
Llewellyn, Jennifer J, Director, Nova Scotia Restorative Justice Community University Research Alliance (NSRJ-CURA); Associate Professor, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University.
Locke, Cara
Lofts, Katherine, Director of Research and Programmes, Nomomente Institute.
Lollini, Andrea
Lomas, M. E.
Lord, Phil
Lordon, J. P.
Lorefice, Sophie
Lowery, J. B.
Lown, Peter J. M.
Lucas, Alastair
Lucas, Alastair, Professor of Law and Director, Sustainable Energy Development (SEDV) Program, University of Calgary.
Lucas, Alastair R.
Luft, Keith, General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, Penn West Exploration.
Lund, Anna, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta
Lund, Anna J.
Lundrigan, R. A.

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