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Vol 52, No 2: Energy Law Edition Drafting Canadian Oilfield Master Service Agreements: An Overview of Key Clauses and Market Trends Abstract   PDF
Trent Mercier, Josh Kane, Sharbil Nammour
Vol 11, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Drilling and Service Contracts in Offshore Oil and Gas Operations Abstract   PDF
J. M. Killey
VOL 4, NO 3 Driving Offences under Criminal Code - Provincial Legislation Providing for Minimal Suspension Period upon a Conviction - Constitutionality of Such Legislation - Findlay v. Minister of Highways for Alberta Details   PDF
P. G. G. Ketchum
VOL 9, NO 2 Drug Dependence: An Analysis Abstract   PDF
W. G. Dewhurst
VOL 14, NO 1 Du Maintien des Appels a la Cour Supreme du Canada en Matiere de Droit Civil Abstract   PDF
Gérald A. Beaudoin
Vol 33, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Due Diligence in Disclosing Environmental Information for Securities Transactions Abstract   PDF
Shawn H. T. Denstedt, Scott R. Miller
VOL 14, NO 2 Due Process and Confinement for Mental Disorder Abstract   PDF
Gary Draper
VOL 37, NO 3 Duncan v. Baddeley: A Case Comment Details   PDF
Cara L. Brown
VOL 35, NO 4 Duncan v. Baddeley: Reconciling the "Lost Years" Deduction with Fatal Accident Cases Details   PDF
Cara L. Brown
VOL 42, NO 4 Dying Justice: A Case for Decriminalizing Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Canada, Jocelyn Downie Details   PDF
Joane Martel
Vol 55, No 2: Energy Law Edition Earth, Wind, and Fire: Power Infrastructure in Alberta’s New Age Abstract   PDF
Cameron Hughes, Caitlin Graham, Charles July, Adam Brown, Thomas Schubert, Emma Hand
VOL 33, NO 3 Ecclesiastical Minefields by Ian Outerbridge, et al. Details   PDF
Rev. Daniel J. Zorzi
VOL 29, NO 2 Ecological Unity and Political Fragmentation: The Implications of the Brundtland Report for the Canadian Constitutional Order Abstract   PDF
Mark Walters
VOL 40, NO 2 Economic Instruments and the Kyoto Protocol: Can Parliament Implement Emissions Trading without Provincial Co-operation Abstract   PDF
Philip Barton
VOL 28, NO 3 Economics and Labour Law in Britain: Thatcher's Radical Experiment Abstract   PDF
K. D. Ewing
VOL 19, NO 3 Editor's Note Details   PDF
Alberta Law Review
Nicholas Rafferty
David Schneiderman
VOL 17, NO 2 Editorial Note to Lord Hailsham's "Lecture on the Law Officers and the Lord Chancellor" Details   PDF
David Kilgour
Vol 45, No 5: Proceedings of the Law Society of Alberta's 100th Anniversary Conference Editors' Note Abstract   PDF
ALR Co-Editors-in-Chief
Vol 53, No 4: Special Issue: Tort Law Editors' Note Abstract   PDF
Brooklyn LeClair, Patrick Smith
VOL 25, NO 3 Educating Juries: The Battered Woman Defence in Canada Abstract   PDF
Daniel J. Brodsky
Vol 4, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement: The Oil and Gas Lease Effect of Amendments to Petroleum and Natural Gas Leases Details   PDF
John F. Curran, E.R. Grant
VOL 34, NO 2 Effect of White Resource Management v. Durish Details   PDF
William H. Hurlburt Q.C.
Vol 54, No 3: Special Issue: Health Law Efficiency and the Pursuit of Patient Safety Abstract   PDF
Tom Archibald
Vol 40, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Electricity Deregulation in Canada: An Idea Which Has Yet to Be Tried Abstract   PDF
Andrew J. Roman
Vol 35, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Emerging Issues in East Coast Oil and Gas Development Abstract   PDF
Michael Harrington, Colm Seviour, Mark MacDonald, James Dickson
VOL 40, NO 2 Emerging Justice? Essays on Indigenous Rights in Canada and Australia by Kent McNeil (Saskatoon: Native Law Centre, University of Saskatchewan, 2001) Details   PDF
Dale Gibson
VOL 42, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: CIVIL JUSTICE AND CIVIL JUSTICE REFORM Empirical Study of Civil Justice Systems: A Look at the Literature Abstract   PDF
Michael Lines
VOL 4, NO 1 Employer "Free Speech" in the United States and Canada Details   PDF
B. L. Adell
Vol 23, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Energy and the New Constitution Abstract   PDF
Brian W. Semkow
Vol 12, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Energy Development: A Need for Vision and Statesmanship Abstract   PDF
George A. Bevan
Vol 37, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Energy Regulation and the Role of the Market Abstract   PDF
Keith F. Miller
Vol 53, No 2: Energy Law Edition Energy Superpower in Waiting: New Pipeline Developments in Canada, Social Licence, and Recent Federal Energy Reforms Abstract   PDF
Peter Forrester, Kent Howie, Alan Ross
VOL 34, NO 4 Enforcement Remedies of Creditors Abstract   PDF
Roderick J. Wood
Vol 52, No 4 Enforcing American Letters of Request: The Fickle Charter Guarantee of Evidentiary Immunity Abstract   PDF
Mary Anne Vallianatos
VOL 29, NO 4 English Canada and Quebec's Rendezvous with Independence Abstract   PDF
Thomas R. Berger
VOL 23, NO 2 Environmental Assessment in Alberta Abstract   PDF
P. S. Elder
VOL 24, NO 2 Environmental Impact Assessment in Canada: The Slave River Project Abstract   PDF
P. S. Elder
VOL 13, NO 3 Environmental Impact Assessment: A Comparative Analysis of the Federal Response in Canada and the United States Abstract   PDF
Sandra K. McCallum
VOL 40, NO 2 Environmental Protection and Oil and Gas Production in the Nova Scotia Offshore: A Guidelines Approach to Operational Discharges Abstract   PDF
Mikis Manolis
Vol 40, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Environmental Regime for Development of an Oil and Gas Project in the Newfoundland Offshore Abstract   PDF
Gerlinde van Driel, Alexander MacDonald
VOL 12, NO 2 Environmental Rights for the Canadian Citizen: A Prescription for Reform Abstract   PDF
R. T. Franson, P. T. Burns
Vol 30, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Environmental Risk Allocation in the Asset Rationalization Process Abstract   PDF
Scott R. Miller, Kevin S. MacFarlance
VOL 39, NO 3 Epistles to Apostles Details   PDF
Roderick A. MacDonald
VOL 30, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: WOMEN AND THE LAW Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value in Ontario and Great Britain: A Comparison Abstract   PDF
Ellen E. Hodgson
VOL 28, NO 2: CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES Equality, Democracy, and Constitution: We the People in Court Abstract   PDF
Ronald Dworkin
VOL 37, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: SYMPOSIUM ON RESTITUTION Equitable Compensation for Breach by Fact-Based Fiduciaries: Tentative Thoughts on Clarifying Remedial Goals Abstract   PDF
Jeff Berryman
VOL 35, NO 3 Equitable Jurisdiction of the Provincial Court of Alberta (Civil Division) Abstract   PDF
Linda A. Taylor, David M. Wood
Vol 7, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement: A Study of Conservation of Oil and Gas Equitable Sharing and End Use of Natural Gas Abstract   PDF
C. A. Rae
VOL 10, NO 1 Equity, Notice and Fraud in the Torrens System Abstract   PDF
G. J. Davies
VOL 41, NO 4 E-Racing Racial Profiling Abstract   PDF
David M. Tanovich
VOL 3, NO 2 Escalation Clauses in Gas Purchase Contracts Details   PDF
V. Milton Taylor
VOL 2, NO 1 Eskimo Native Marriage - Common Law Marriage - Marriage Ordinance Details   PDF
Clifton O'Brien
VOL 3, NO 2 Estate Planning Details   PDF
F. E. LaBrie
VOL 5, NO 2 Estate Planning - "Freezing" - Liability to Tax - The Meaning of "Competent to Dispose" in Estate Tax Act Details   PDF
K. S. Dixon
VOL 11, NO 1 Estate Planning under the New Legislation Abstract   PDF
Frank Jones
VOL 33, NO 4: SPECIAL ISSUE: THE LEGAL PROFESSION AND ETHICS Ethics in the Legal Profession: The Issue of Access Abstract   PDF
Esmeralda M. A. Thornhill
VOL 35, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: HONOURING THE PAST, SERVING THE FUTURE (THE FACULTY OF LAW'S 75TH ANNIVERSARY) Eugenic Policies in Alberta: From the Systematic to the Systemic Abstract   PDF
Timothy Caulfield, Gerald Robertson
VOL 17, NO 2 Euthanasia and the Law Abstract   PDF
Tom Campbell
VOL 41, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: GLOBALIZATION AND THE LAW Evaluating Canada's New Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in Its Global Context Abstract   PDF
Catherine Dauvergne
VOL 32, NO 4: The ALR's 100th Issue Evaluating Justice: Canadian Policies and Programs edited by Joe Hudson and Julian Roberts Details   PDF
Jack Watson
Vol 45, No 4 Evaluating the Relevance of Critical Schools of Law and Economics for the Equality Rights of Workers with Disabilities in Canada and the United States Abstract   PDF
Ravi A. Malhotra
VOL 33, NO 1 Everybody Does It! Crime by the Public by Thomas Gabor Details   PDF
Simon Renouf
VOL 3, NO 2 Evidence - Res Gesta - Statement of Intention as Proof of Fact - Whether Admissible against Accused as Part of Res Gesta Details   PDF
H. W. A. Fuller
VOL 6, NO 1 Evidence - Corporate - Accused - Privilege against Self Incrimination - Production of Documents - Compellability as Crown Witness - Regina v. J. J. Beamish Construction Co. Ltd. Details   PDF
N. C. Wittmann
VOL 38, NO 4 Evidence Not in a Form Familiar to Common Law Courts: Assessing Oral Histories in Land Claims Testimony after Delgamuukw v. B.C. Abstract   PDF
Andie Diane Palmer
VOL 1, NO 2 Evidence, Voluntariness of Confession, Judge and Jury Findings Details   PDF
W. E. Wilson
VOL 25, NO 2 Exclusive Jurisdiction for Small Claims Court: A Study Paper and Recommendations Details   PDF
Grant Dunlop, James Casey
VOL 24, NO 3 Exclusive Rights Clauses in Shopping Centre Leases Details   PDF
Alan Schapiro
Vol 51, No 4: Special Issue: The Future of Law School Experience the Future of Legal Education Abstract   PDF
Lorne Sossin
VOL 41, NO 4 Expert Evidence: The Ethical Responsibility of the Legal Profession Abstract   PDF
Tania M. Bubela
Vol 48, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Exploring the Balance of Power in the Operator/Non-Operator Relationship Under the CAPL Operating Procedure Abstract   PDF
Douglas G. Mills, Carolyn A. Wright, and Julie J.M. Inch
VOL 35, NO 4 Exploring the Domain of Accident Law: Taking the Facts Seriously by Don Dewees, David Duff & Michael Trebilcock Details   PDF
Peter Leveque
VOL 40, NO 2 Exploring the Oslo Accords: Recipe for Peace or Footnote to History? Details   PDF
Joseph W. Dellapenna
VOL 23, NO 2 Exploring the Outer Limits: The Anton Piller Order in Canada Abstract   PDF
George Takach
VOL 39, NO 2 Exporting Trust: Does E-Commerce Need a Canadian Privacy Seal of Approval Abstract   PDF
John MacDonnell
VOL 40, NO 2 Expressive Harms and the Strands of Charter Equality: Drawing out Parallel Coherent Approaches to Discrimination Abstract   PDF
Ron Levy
VOL 8, NO 3 Expropriation by Pipe Line Companies in Alberta - Dome Petroleums Limited et al. v. Swan Swanson Holdings Ltd. et al Details   PDF
D. Barry Kirkham
VOL 18, NO 3 Extra-Judicial Writing: The Alberta Law Quarterly and the Alberta Law Review in Particular, and Texts and Reviews in General Abstract   PDF
W. F. Bowker
VOL 23, NO 2 Extra-Provincial Liability of the Limited Partner Details   PDF
Brad A. Milne
Vol 48, No 4 Eyes Wide Shut: The Alberta Court of Appeal’s Decision in R. v. Arcand and Aboriginal Offenders Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Rudin
VOL 31, NO 4 Facilitating Conservation: Private Conservancy Law Reform Abstract   PDF
Arlene J. Kwasniak
VOL 16, NO 1 Failure of the Accused to Testify: Vezeau v. The Queen Details   PDF
Joseph O. Segatto
VOL 22, NO 3 Fair Representation in Canada: All for One and One for All Details   PDF
David Surmon
VOL 39, NO 3 Faith: Political Philosophy in the Canadian Academy Details   PDF
F.C. DeCoste
VOL 33, NO 1 Falling Boulders, Falling Trees and Icy Highways: The Policy/Operational Test Revisited Details   PDF
Lewis Klar
Vol 46, No 3 Family Violence Cases in Alberta: A Snapshot Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Koshan
VOL 39, NO 3 Far-Cited Abstract   PDF
J. E. Cote
Vol 51, No 2: Energy Law Edition Federal and Alberta Energy Project Regulation Reform — At What Cost Efficiency? Abstract   PDF
Rowland J. Harrison, Lars Olthafer, Katie Slipp
Vol 11, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Federal Income Tax Affecting the Mining and Petroleum Industries Abstract   PDF
John G. McDonald, Q.C.
Vol 15, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Federal Income Taxation of Oil and Gas Operations Abstract   PDF
M. A. Carten
Vol 13, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Federal Legislation and Common Law Aspects of Environmental Problems in Canada Abstract   PDF
Bernard L. Stroppa
Vol 45, No 3: Petroleum Law Edition Federal Pipeline Rate Making: Alternative Approaches of the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Abstract
Alex Ross
Vol 44, No 2 (2006) Federalism, Equality, and Autonomy: Toward an Embedded Feminist Constitutional Agenda: A Review of The Gender of Constitutional Jurisprudence, Beverley Baines and Ruth Rubio-Marin, Eds. Abstract   PDF
Gillian Calder
VOL 30, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: WOMEN AND THE LAW Feminism, Foucault, and Law as Power/Knowledge Abstract   PDF
Annie Bunting
VOL 34, NO 4 Fiduciary Doctrine: A Concept in Need of Understanding Abstract   PDF
Leonard I. Rotman
Vol 3, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Fiduciary Duties in Oil and Gas Transactions: Duties Arising Outside of the Fiduciary Relationship Details   PDF
Robert C. Muir
Vol 3, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Fiduciary Duties in Oil and Gas Transactions: The Scope of the Fiduciary Relationship Details   PDF
John B. Ballem
Vol 3, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Fiduciary Duties in Oil and Gas Transactions: Types of Relationships Arising in Oil and Gas Agreements Details   PDF
E. M. Bredin, Q.C.
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