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VOL 4, NO 3 Corporate Freezeouts and the Protection of Minority Shareholders in Alberta Companies Details   PDF
H. Shandling
Vol 43, No 4 Corporate Governance in the Canadian Resource and Energy Sectors Abstract   PDF
Janis Sarra, Vivian King
VOL 38, NO 2 Correcting Miscarriages of Justice: The Role of the Criminal Cases Review Commission - The Bowker Lecture, September 28, 1999 Abstract   PDF
L. H. Leigh
Vol 36, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Corruption and Improper Payments: Global Trends and Applicable Laws Abstract   PDF
Timothy A. Martin
VOL 15, NO 2 Costs in Foreclosure Actions: National Trust Company v. North American Montessori Academy Ltd. Details   PDF
F. Price
VOL 42, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: CIVIL JUSTICE AND CIVIL JUSTICE REFORM Courted and Abandoned: Seduction in Canadian Lent: Patrick Brode Details   PDF
Giles Renaud
Vol 47, No 4 Courting Confusion? Three Recent Alberta Cases on Equality Rights Post-Kapp Abstract   PDF
Jonnette Watson Hamilton, Jennifer Koshan
VOL 42, NO 4 Courting Leviathan: Limited Government and Social Freedom in Reference Re Same-Sex Marriage Details   PDF
F.C. DeCoste
Vol 44, No 4 (2007) Covenant Marriage and the Conflict of Laws Abstract   PDF
Lily Ng
Vol 45, No 5: Proceedings of the Law Society of Alberta's 100th Anniversary Conference Cowboy Jurists and the Making of Legal Professionalism Abstract   PDF
W. Wesley Pue
VOL 40, NO 4 Crafting Youth Sentences: The Roles of Rehabilitation, Proportionality, Restraint, Restorative Justice, and Race under the Youth Criminal Justice Act Abstract   PDF
Sanjeev Anand
Vol 48, No 4 Creating a Path by Walking It - A Year in Review of Pohna: Keepers of the Fire Abstract   PDF
Karen Erickson, Patti LaBoucane-Benson, Fiona Hossack
VOL 36, NO 1: SYMPOSIUM ON ABORIGINAL LEGAL ISSUES Creating a Still-Life Out of Dynamic Objects: Rights Reductionism at the Supreme Court of Canada Details   PDF
Leornard I. Rotman
VOL 39, NO 2 Criminal Deterrence and Sentence Severity: An Analysis of Recent Research, A. von Hirsch, A. E. Bottoms, E. Burney and P-O. Wikström (Portland, Oregon: Hart, 1999) Details   PDF
Wayne N. Renke
VOL 1, NO 3 Criminal Law - Combines Investigation Act - Interpretation Details   PDF
G. E. Arnell
VOL 1, NO 4 Criminal Law - Criminal Sexual Psychopath - Definition - Whether Force is Necessary Details   PDF
J. W. McClung
VOL 7, NO 1 Criminal Law - Evidence - Rape - Corroboration - Whether Complaintant May be Corroborated by Accomplice - Admissions - Admissability - Exclusion of Exculpatory Statements - Regina v. Sigmund, Howe, Defend, Curry Details   PDF
Gordon Dixon
VOL 1, NO 3 Criminal Law - Homicide - Mens Rea - Objective or Subjective Tests Details   PDF
Donald H. Ostry
VOL 1, NO 4 Criminal Law - Obscenity - Test to Be Used in Determining - Relevance of Expert Opinion Details   PDF
L. H. Leigh
VOL 9, NO 1 Criminal Law - Preliminary Inquiry - Section 452A. Amendment to Criminal Code of Canada Details   PDF
G. Alex Hardy
VOL 7, NO 2 Criminal Law Revision in Canada Abstract   PDF
Alan W. Mewett
VOL 6, NO 2 Criminal Procedure - Section 417 of Criminal Code - Whether Discretionary Power to Refuse Waiver of Jury - R. v. Lyding (1965), 54 W.W.R. 286 Details   PDF
James G. Matkin
VOL 4, NO 1 Criminality and the Canadian Anti-Combines Laws Details   PDF
Bruce C. McDonald
Vol 53, No 1 Criminalizing Terrorist Babble: Canada's Dubious New Terrorist Speech Crime Abstract   PDF
Craig Forcese, Kent Roach
Vol 50, No 1 Crookes v. Newton: The Supreme Court of Canada Brings Libel Law into the Internet Age Abstract   PDF
Iris Fischer, Adam Lazier
Vol 51, No 4: Special Issue: The Future of Law School Crowdsourced Coursebooks Abstract   PDF
Stephen E. Henderson, Joseph Thai
Vol 13, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Current Developments in Oil & Gas Income Tax Legislation Abstract   PDF
C. A. Rae
Vol 14, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Current Developments in Oil and Gas Income Taxation Abstract   PDF
John G. McDonald
Vol 10, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement: The Canadian Arctic and Northern Regions and Other Selected Matters of Current Interest to the Oil and Gas Industry Current Developments in Oil and Gas Taxation Abstract   PDF
John G. McDonald, Q.C.
Vol 19, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Current Developments in Petroleum Income Taxation Abstract   PDF
Donald H. Watkins
Vol 28, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Current Environmental Regulation of the Alberta Oil and Gas Industry and Emerging Issues Abstract   PDF
Albert J. Hudec, Joni R. Paulus
VOL 25, NO 3 Custody Disputes, Evaluation and Intervention by Parry, Broder, Schmidt, Saunders & Hood Details   PDF
L.J. Smith
VOL 35, NO 3 Custody Disputes in the Provincial Court of Alberta: A New Judicial Dispute Resolution Model Abstract   PDF
Hugh F. Landerkin
VOL 11, NO 1 Custody Orders - Jurisdiction and Recognition Abstract   PDF
J.-G. Castel
Vol 52, No 3 Cut-and-Paste Justice: A Case Comment on Cojocaru v. British Columbia Women's Hospital and Health Centre Abstract   PDF
Alain Roussy
VOL 6, NO 1 Cy-Près in the Sixties: Judicial Activity Abstract   PDF
L. Sheridan
VOL 1, NO 4 Damages - Motor Vehicle Accident - Quantum - Consideration of Subsequent Events in Assessing Damages Details   PDF
A. H. Wachowich
Vol 8, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement: Oil and Gas Joint Venture Agreements Damages for Breach of an Express Drilling Covenant Abstract   PDF
Maurice J. Sychuk
VOL 4, NO 1 Damages, Punitive or Exemplary Damages - A Canadian View of Rookes v. Barnard Details   PDF
Lyle Ford
VOL 24, NO 3 Dean Weir Memorial Lecture - January 14, 1986 - Winds of Change in the Sentencing Process Abstract   PDF
J. H. Laycraft
Sheilah Martin
VOL 28, NO 3 Debt Collection: A Step-By-Step Legal Guide Details   PDF
Hugh W. Silverman
Vol 18, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Declaratory Relief under Alberta Oil and Gas Legislation Abstract   PDF
Robert M. Perrin
Vol 19, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Declaratory Relief under Oil and Gas Legislation - Update Abstract   PDF
Robert M. Perrin
Vol 51, No 4: Special Issue: The Future of Law School Decolonizing Law School Abstract   PDF
Roderick A. Macdonald, Thomas B. McMorrow
VOL 37, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: SYMPOSIUM ON RESTITUTION Deconstructing the Constructive Trust Abstract   PDF
Leonard I. Rotman
VOL 7, NO 1 Dedication to Wilbur Fee Bowker, Q.C. Details   PDF
Alberta Law Review
Vol 12, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Defeasibility of Mineral Interests under the Alberta Torrens System Abstract   PDF
Ronald V. Clarke, William N. Richards
VOL 25, NO 3 Defeating Shareholders' Loans: Laronge Realty Ltd. v. Golconda Investments Ltd. Et Al Details   PDF
R. W. Ewasiuk
Vol 5, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement: Tort Problems Arising Out of Oil and Gas Operations Defective Equipment Details   PDF
B.V. Reed, R.B. Laschuk, John Stein, K.R. MacLeod, W.G. Loewen, C.R. Wimmer
VOL 40, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: THE STINCHCOMBE PROJECT: THE LAW OF DISCLOSURE IN CANADA Defence Disclosure: Is the Right to Full Answer the Right to Ambush Abstract   PDF
Goran Tomljanovic
Vol 46, No 1 Defending City Hall After Dunsmuir Details   PDF
Jared Craig
VOL 33, NO 1 Defending Sexual Offence Cases 1994 by Michelle K. Fuerst Details   PDF
Brian A. Beresh
Vol 46, No 1 Deference, the Universe of Discourse, and the Standard of Review Details   PDF
Raj Sharma
VOL 39, NO 4 Defining Marriage, Step One: EGALE v. Canada Details   PDF
Julie C. Lloyd
VOL 36, NO 1: SYMPOSIUM ON ABORIGINAL LEGAL ISSUES Defining Parameters: Aboriginal Rights, Treaty Rights, and the Sparrow Justificatory Test Abstract   PDF
Leonard I. Rotman
VOL 20, NO 3 Demand Debentures - Must Time to Repay Be Allowed after Demand for Payment - Ronald Elwyn Lister Limited v. Dunlop Canada Limited Details   PDF
Allan M. Kaufman
VOL 30, NO 2: CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES Democracy and Representation: A Critique of Morton and Knopff Abstract   PDF
Allan Tupper
VOL 36, NO 1: SYMPOSIUM ON ABORIGINAL LEGAL ISSUES Democracy, the Constitution and Municipal Reorganization: Borough ofEast York v. Attorney General of Ontario Details   PDF
John P. McEvoy
Vol 46, No 4: Special Issue: International Law and Democratic Considerations Democratic Implications Arising from the Intersection of Investment Arbitration and Human Rights Abstract   PDF
Barnali Choudhury
VOL 43, NO 2 Depriving Law Reform of its Potential? New Perspectives on the Public-Private Divide, Law Commission of Canada, ed. Details   PDF
Richard F. Devlin
Vol 45, No 2 Desperate Softwood Lumber Companies?: The Canada–U.S. Softwood Lumber Dispute and NAFTA Chapter 11 Abstract   PDF
Linda C. Reif
Vol 44, No 2 (2006) Determinate/Indeterminate Duality: The Necessity of a Temporal Dimension in Legal Classification Abstract   PDF
Wendy Adams
Vol 46, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Development of Carbon Emissions Trading in Canada Abstract   PDF
John C. Goetz, Morella M. De Castro, Gray Taylor, Karen Haugen-Kozyra
VOL 3, NO 1 Developments in English Jurisprudence - 1953-1963 Details   PDF
C. R. B. Dunlop
Vol 22, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Developments in Natural Gas Purchase Contracts Abstract   PDF
J. Jay Park
Vol 45, No 3: Petroleum Law Edition Devolution of Oil and Gas Jurisdiction To First Nations In Canada Abstract   PDF
Alexander J. Black
VOL 38, NO 4 Dialogue and Hierarchy in Charter Interpretation: A Comment on R. v. Mills Details   PDF
Jamie Cameron
VOL 29, NO 3 Dictionaries and the Interpretation of Words: A Summary of Difficulties Details   PDF
Aaron J. Rynd
Vol 45, No 1 Digging Below and Looking Beside the Wall of Ministerial Discretion: Licences after Saulnier Abstract   PDF
Christian Weisenburger
VOL 28, NO 4 Diplomatic Immunity by Grant V. McClanahan Details   PDF
L.C. Green
Vol 52, No 1: Alberta Court of Appeal Centenary Direct Payment Clauses and the Fraud Upon the Bankruptcy Law Principle: Re Horizon Earthworks Ltd. (Bankrupt) Abstract   PDF
Roderick J. Wood
VOL 1, NO 6 Direct Taxation within the Province - Imposition of Tax on Contractor Purchasing Component Parts for Incorporation into Houses Details   PDF
S. R. Baker
VOL 39, NO 4 Directing Traffic at the Crossroads of Criminal Justice and Mental Health: Conditional Sentencing after the Judgment in Knoblauch Abstract   PDF
Julian V. Roberts, Simon Verdun-Jones
VOL 9, NO 2 Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance Abstract   PDF
Kenneth B. Potter
VOL 33, NO 1 Disabilities and the Canadian Forces Medical System Abstract   PDF
Stanley J. Blythe
Vol 47, No 4 Discarding Reasonable Expectations of Privacy: A Critique of R. v. Patrick Abstract   PDF
William MacKinnon
VOL 30, NO 2: CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES Discarding the Rose-Coloured Glasses: A Commentary on Asch and MacKlem Details   PDF
Thomas Isaac
VOL 40, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: THE STINCHCOMBE PROJECT: THE LAW OF DISCLOSURE IN CANADA Disclosure and Production in Sexual Violence Cases: Situating Stinchcombe Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Koshan
Vol 46, No 4: Special Issue: International Law and Democratic Considerations Discontinuity in the Internalization of the World Trade Organization Rules: Assessing the Democratic Deficit Critique Against the World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement System Abstract   PDF
Yuka Fukunaga
VOL 34, NO 2 Discovery Procedure and Practice: Recent Developments Abstract   PDF
Glen H. Poelman
VOL 19, NO 3 Discretionary Refusal of Judicial Review in Administrative Law Details   PDF
David Phillip Jones
VOL 42, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: CIVIL JUSTICE AND CIVIL JUSTICE REFORM Dispute Resolution, Access to Civil Justice and Legal Education Abstract   PDF
Treyor C.W. Farrow
VOL 34, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION Dispute Resolution Provisions of the Agreement on Internal Trade Abstract   PDF
Luigi Di Marzo
Ellen Wright
VOL 36, NO 3 Dissenting with the Dissent: Winnipeg Child and Family Services (Northwest Area) v. G (D.E) Details   PDF
Françoise Baylis
Vol 48, No 1 Distinguishing Charter Rights in Criminal and Regulatory Investigations: What’s the Purpose of Analyzing Purpose? Abstract   PDF
Christopher Sherrin
Vol 45, No 4 Distinguishing Charity and Politics: The Judicial Thinking Behind the Doctrine of Political Purposes Abstract   PDF
Adam Parachin
VOL 30, NO 2: CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES Distorted: A View of Canadian Multiculturalism within a Bilingual Framework Abstract   PDF
Hanson R. Hosein
VOL 40, NO 4 Diversion, Conferencing, and Extrajudicial Measures for Adolescent Offenders Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Bala
VOL 18, NO 2 Divorce, Maintenance and Social Assistance Manson v. Manson Details   PDF
Vijay Bhardwaj
VOL 55, NO 4 Do Recent Amendments to Alberta's Municipal Government Act Enable Management of Surface Water Resources and Air Quality? Abstract   PDF
Judy Stewart
VOL 30, NO 4 Do the Orthodox Rules of Lawyering Permit the Public Interest Advocate to Do the Right Thing: A Case Study of HIV-Infected Prisoners Abstract   PDF
Judith Mosoff
Vol 53, No 4: Special Issue: Tort Law Do We Really Need the Anns Test for Duty of Care in Negligence? Abstract   PDF
Joost Blom
Vol 46, No 1 Do We Throw Our Privacy Rights Out With the Trash? The Alberta Court of Appeal’s Decision in R. v. Patrick Abstract   PDF
William MacKinnon
VOL 36, NO 4 Doe v. Metropolitan Toronto Board of Commissioners ofPolice and the Status of Public Oversight of the Police in Canada Details   PDF
Scott Childs, Paul Ceyssens
VOL 30, NO 2: CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES Does the Charter Mandate One Person, One Vote Abstract   PDF
F. L. Morton, Rainer Knopff
Vol 46, No 4: Special Issue: International Law and Democratic Considerations Does the UN Security Council Compound the Global Democratic Deficit? Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Farrall
Vol 47, No 1 Doing “Practical Justice” for Duress in Contract Law Abstract   PDF
M.H. Ogilvie
Vol 54, No 3: Special Issue: Health Law Donor Anonymity in Canada: Assessing the Obstacles to Openness and Considering a Way Forward Abstract   PDF
Vanessa Gruben, Angela Cameron
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