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Vol 53, No 1 Collateral Benefits Revisited: A Case Comment on IBM Canada Limited v. Waterman Abstract   PDF
Daniella Murynka
VOL 15, NO 2 Collective "Contracts" or Individual Status? Employment under Management-Union Agreements Abstract   PDF
Alexander Szakats
VOL 25, NO 3 Collins v. the Queen: Further Jurisprudence on Section 24(2) of the Charter Details   PDF
Bruce P. Elman
VOL 32, NO 4: The ALR's 100th Issue Combatting Racist Speech: The Canadian Experience Abstract   PDF
Bruce P. Elman
Vol 47, No 1 Come on Mann Don’t Search Me! A Case Comment on R. v. C.J.F. Abstract   PDF
Michael A. Johnston
VOL 19, NO 3 Commentaries: Aboriginal Peoples and The Constitution Abstract   PDF
Wallace Many Fingers, Gurston Dacks
VOL 19, NO 3 Commentaries: Amendment and Patriation Abstract   PDF
Peter W. Hogg, W.R. Lederman
VOL 19, NO 3 Commentaries: An Overview of the Trudeau Constitutional Proposals Abstract   PDF
Alan C. Cairns, Garth Stevenson
VOL 19, NO 3 Commentaries: The Entrenchment of a Bill of Rights Abstract   PDF
L. C. Green, Gil Remillard
VOL 14, NO 1 Commentary on Papers Delivered on the Supreme Court of Canada and the Law of Obligations Abstract   PDF
D. C. McDonald
Vol 30, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Commentary on Papers Presented at the 1991 Seminar Details   PDF
Constance D. Hunt
Vol 9, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement: Selected Matters of Current Interest to the Oil and Gas Industry Commentary on the Papers Presented at the Ninth Annual Oil and Gas Law Seminar Abstract   PDF
Charles J. Meyers
Vol 4, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement: The Oil and Gas Lease Comments on Oil and Gas Jurisprudence in Canada and the United States Details   PDF
Howard R. Williams
VOL 1, NO 6 Comments on the Procedures of Proving a Will in Solemn Form Details   PDF
C. H. Molyneaux
VOL 31, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: THE POWER OF THE PURSE: FINANCIAL INCENTIVES AS REGULATORY INSTRUMENTS Comments on: Thumbs, Fingers, and Pushing on String: Legal Accountability in the Use of Financial Incentives - by Kernaghan Webb Details   PDF
Kenneth Woodside
VOL 28, NO 3 Commercial Expression Comes of Age: The Path to Constitutional Recognition under the Charter of Rights Abstract   PDF
Michael J. Tilleard
VOL 36, NO 4 Commercial Fiduciary Obligation Abstract   PDF
Robert Flannigan
VOL 5, NO 2 Commercial Law - Rule Against Perpetuites - Applicability to Lease - Option Agreements Details   PDF
R. A. MacKimmie
VOL 5, NO 2 Commercial Law - Section 19 of the Conditional Sales Act - The Effect of Amendment ss. 5 - Voluntary repossession - Extinguishing Indebtedness Details   PDF
E. F. Murphy
VOL 29, NO 3 Commissions of Inquiry, edited by A. Paul Pross, Innis Christie and John A. Yogis Details   PDF
J.T. Eamon
Vol 7, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement: A Study of Conservation of Oil and Gas Common Carrier, Common Purchaser and Common Processor Orders Abstract   PDF
C. H. Hebb
VOL 38, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS Common Law Cognition and Judicial Appointment Abstract   PDF
J. E. Penner
VOL 6, NO 1 Companies - Compulsory Transfer of Shares by Dissenting Shareholders - Section 128 Canada Corporations Act R.S.C. 1952 c. 53 - Re Canadian Breweries Limited Details   PDF
Robert G. Rowley
VOL 6, NO 2 Companies - Ultra vires Doctrine - History and Current Status - Legislative Change. H. & H. Logging Co. Ltd. and Attorney General of British Columbia v Random Services Corporation Details   PDF
Brian A. Felesky
VOL 6, NO 1 Company Law - Prospectus Problems - Corporate Securities Details   PDF
J. J. Saucier
VOL 5, NO 2 Company Law - Ultra Vires - Right of Third Party to Raise Defence Against Company Details   PDF
S. M. Chumir
Vol 9, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement: Selected Matters of Current Interest to the Oil and Gas Industry Comparative Analysis of Gas Purchase Contracts Abstract   PDF
Gary A. Holland
Vol 43, No 4 Comparative Perspectives on the Regulation of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the United Kingdom and Canada Abstract   PDF
Erin L. Nelson
Vol 49, No 4: Special Issue: Administrative and Regulatory Law Comparing Aboriginal and Other Duties to Consult in Canadian Law Abstract   PDF
Peter Carver
Vol 10, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement: The Canadian Arctic and Northern Regions and Other Selected Matters of Current Interest to the Oil and Gas Industry Comparison of Legislation Affecting Foreign Exploitation of Oil and Gas Resources in Oil Producing Countries Abstract   PDF
Martin M. Olisa
VOL 37, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: SYMPOSIUM ON RESTITUTION Compensation and the Scope of Equity's Remedial and Restitutionary Generosity Abstract   PDF
Paul M. Perell
VOL 23, NO 3 Compensation for Surface Rights in Alberta Abstract   PDF
J. Darryl Carter, Colin Carter, Roy Carter
VOL 6, NO 2 Compensation to Victims of Crime Abstract   PDF
George J. Bryan Q.C.
Vol 48, No 1 Compensation Where No Land Is Taken: Update of the Law in Alberta Abstract   PDF
Michael A. Marion
VOL 17, NO 2 Competence and Compellability of Wives at Common Law Details   PDF
R. C. Secord
VOL 8, NO 1 Competency, Compellability and Coroner's Courts Abstract   PDF
William Henkel
Vol 50, No 4 Competing with Ourselves: Supply-side Competition for Corporate Charters in Canada Abstract   PDF
Glenford Jameson
Vol 31, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Competition Law Issues in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry Abstract   PDF
Harry Chandler
Vol 54, No 1 Compliance with Canada's Trade and Investment Treaty Obligations: Addressing the Gap Between Provincial Action and Federal Responsibility Abstract   PDF
J. Anthony VanDuzer, Melanie Mallet
VOL 11, NO 1 Compulsory Acquisition of the Interest of a Dissenting Minority Shareholder Abstract   PDF
A. Maurice Flisfeder
VOL 42, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: CIVIL JUSTICE AND CIVIL JUSTICE REFORM Compulsory Compassion: A Critique of Restorative Justice. Aimalisc E. Acorn Details   PDF
Bruce Archibald
VOL 35, NO 4 Compulsory Pooling under the Oil and Gas Conservation Act of Alberta Abstract   PDF
Nigel Bankes
VOL 10, NO 2 Compulsory Unionism: A Strength or Weakness? The New Zealand System Compared with Union Security Agreements in Great Britain and in the United States Abstract   PDF
Alexander Szakats
VOL 5, NO 2 Compulsory Winding-Up - The "Just and Equitable" Rule Details   PDF
David Huberman
VOL 26, NO 2 Computer Technology and the Law in Canada Details   PDF
Martin P.J. Kratz
VOL 32, NO 4: The ALR's 100th Issue Computer-Related Agreements: A Practical Guide by C. Ian Kyer and Mark J. Fecenko Details   PDF
Tom Ogaranko
VOL 40, NO 2 Comsa v. Canada (N.P.B.): The Right to a Timely Post-Revocation Hearing Details   PDF
Nathan J. Whitling
Vol 46, No 1 Conceptions of Privacy: A Comment on R. v. Kang-Brown and R. v. A.M. Abstract   PDF
Steven Penney
VOL 20, NO 2 Concurrent Liability in Contract and Tort: Recovery of Pure Economic Loss and the Effect of Contributory Negligence Details   PDF
Nicholas Rafferty
VOL 1, NO 2 Conditional Sales, Acceleration Clauses, Election, Loss of Right to Bring Action Details   PDF
D. F. Fitch
VOL 37, NO 4 Condominium Contributions: A Matter of Priority Abstract   PDF
Don J. Manderscheid
Vol 35, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Confidentiality and Dispositions in the Oil and Gas Industry Abstract   PDF
Mungo Hardwicke-Brown
VOL 8, NO 3 Conflict of Interest in the Public Service Details   PDF
Jeremy S. Williams
VOL 28, NO 3 Conflict of Laws - Foreign Tort - Not Justifiable by the Lex Loci Delicti - Residence of Defendant - Interprovincial Comity - Judicial Creativity Details   PDF
J. G. Castel
VOL 1, NO 3 Conflict of Laws - Tort - Rule in Phillips v. Eyre - Choice of Law or Jurisdiction Details   PDF
W. Philip
Vol 18, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Conflicting Claims to Oil and Natural Gas Resources off the Eastern Coast of Canada Abstract   PDF
Colin Douglas
Vol 56, No 1 Consent Searches for Electronic Text Communications: Escaping the Zero-Sum Trap Abstract   PDF
Steven Penney
Vol 46, No 3 Conservation Easements: Pluses and Pitfalls, Generally and for Municipalities Abstract   PDF
Arlene J. Kwasniak
Vol 7, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement: A Study of Conservation of Oil and Gas Conservation: Is It Justified in the Public Interest Abstract   PDF
Maurice J. Sychuk
Vol 11, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Considerations in the Search and Exploration for Minerals in British Columbia Abstract   PDF
John R. Mackay
Vol 34, No 3: Petroleum Law Edition Considerations of Fairness in the Context of International Commercial Arbitrations Abstract   PDF
E. D. D. Tavender
VOL 4, NO 1 Consitutional Law - Parliamentary Sovereingty - Can Parliament Bind Its Successors? Details   PDF
Kenneth M. Lysyk
VOL 1, NO 1 Conspiracy of Husband and Wife Details   PDF
Jack Allford
VOL 42, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: CIVIL JUSTICE AND CIVIL JUSTICE REFORM Constitutional Accommodation and the Rule(s) of Courts Abstract   PDF
Lorne Sossin
VOL 17, NO 3 Constitutional Aspects of Teacher Dismissals Details   PDF
Brian L. Fish
Vol 46, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Constitutional Authority Over Greenhouse Gas Emissions Abstract   PDF
Peter W. Hogg
VOL 9, NO 2 Constitutional Law - B.N.A. Act - Distribution of Powers - The Aspect Test and The Emergency Doctrine Details   PDF
Alexander Smith
VOL 3, NO 2 Constitutional Law - Division of Powers - Interest - Regulation of Contracts Details   PDF
Patrick M. Bentley
VOL 16, NO 3 Constitutional Law - Peace, Order and Good Government - The Test of Aspect and the Emergency Doctrine - An Allegory Details   PDF
Dr. Alexander Smith, Q.C.
VOL 24, NO 3 Constitutional Law of Canada, 2nd ed. by Hogg Details   PDF
J.M. Ross
Vol 3, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Constitutional Law Problems in Canadian Oil and Gas Legislation: Provincial-Federal Co-operation Details   PDF
D. E. Lewis, Q.C.
Vol 3, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Constitutional Law Problems in Canadian Oil and Gas Legislation: The Background Details   PDF
Glen W. Acorn
Vol 3, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Constitutional Law Problems in Canadian Oil and Gas Legislation: The Federal Case Details   PDF
G. A. Holland
VOL 7, NO 1 Constitutional Reform of the Canadian Judiciary Abstract   PDF
Peter H. Russell
VOL 4, NO 1 Constitutionality of the Prorationing Scheme in Alberta Details   PDF
John Rathwell
VOL 30, NO 2: CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES Constitutionalized Intergovernmental Agreements and Third Parties: Canada and Australia Abstract   PDF
Nigel Bankes
VOL 25, NO 2 Constructive Murder and the Charter: In Search of Principle Abstract   PDF
Isabel Grant, A. Wayne MacKay
VOL 37, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: SYMPOSIUM ON RESTITUTION Constructive Trusts in Canada Abstract   PDF
Robert Chambers
Vol 42, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Consultation with Aboriginal Peoples: Impacts on the Petroleum Industry Abstract   PDF
Tony Fogarassy, KayLynn Litton
VOL 32, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: LAW IN TRANSITION: A 25 YEAR RETROSPECTIVE Consumer Protection and the Provincial Regulation of Deposit-Taking Institutions in Alberta: 1966-1991 Abstract   PDF
Michael Wylie
VOL 38, NO 2 Contemporary Approaches to Compensating Female Tort Victims for Incapacity to Work Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey
Vol 56, No 2: Energy Law Edition Continental Energy Trade: What to Expect From NAFTA 2.0 Abstract   PDF
Paul M. Lalonde, Yohai Baisburd, Joaquin Contreras, Jorge Jimenez, Vedia Biton Eidelman
Vol 47, No 4 Continuing Questions in Canadian Political Finance Law: Third Parties and Small Political Parties Abstract   PDF
Colin Feasby
VOL 3, NO 2 Contract - Unjust Enrichment - Present State of Doctrine Considered and Applied - British Columbia Details   PDF
John A. Hustwick
VOL 1, NO 5 Contracts - Mines and Minerals - Agreement to Develop Oil Areas - Terms of Letter to be Embodied in Formal Agreement to Follow - Unsettled Matters to be Arbitrated - Whether Binding Contract Details   PDF
K. J. Rootes
VOL 10, NO 2 Contracts - Mistake - Non Est Factum - Error as to Identity of Parties Details   PDF
J. E. Cote
VOL 37, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: SYMPOSIUM ON RESTITUTION Contracts Discharged through Breach: Restitution for Services Rendered by the Innocent Party Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Rafferty
VOL 28, NO 3 Contracts: Cases and Commentaries Details   PDF
Ronald G. Hopp
Vol 53, No 1 Contribution Among Contract Breakers: A Case Comment on Isfeld v. Petersen Pontiac Buick GMC (Alta.) Inc. Abstract   PDF
Ranjan Agarwal, Gannon Beaulne
Vol 53, No 4: Special Issue: Tort Law Contribution Between Negligent Tortfeasors and Unjust Enrichment: An Outline of a Solution to the "No Benefit to B" Issue Abstract   PDF
David Cheifetz
VOL 13, NO 2 Contribution Between Tort-Feasors Details   PDF
Lewis N. Klar
VOL 16, NO 3 Controlling the Ministers Abstract   PDF
Raymond D. Schachter
Vol 24, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Controversy in Surface Rights Compensation: Pattern of Dealings Evidence and Global Awards Abstract   PDF
Barry Barton
VOL 31, NO 2 Conviction Appeals to the Court of Appeal of Alberta: A Statistical Analysis, 1985-1992 Abstract   PDF
Peter McCormick
VOL 29, NO 4 Co-Operative Federalism: Third Parties and Intergovernmental Agreements and Arrangements in Canada and Australia Abstract   PDF
Nigel Bankes
VOL 39, NO 4 Copyright Infringement in the Internet Era: The Challenge of MP3s Abstract   PDF
Alex Colangelo
VOL 21, NO 2 Corporate Certificates - Now Conclusive Details   PDF
Eugene Meehan
Vol 46, No 3 Corporate Directors’ Disqualification: The New Canadian Regime Abstract   PDF
Jassmine Girgis
VOL 12, NO 3 Corporate Distributions to Stockholders Abstract   PDF
Vern Krishna
Vol 51, No 3 Corporate Foreign Corrupt Practices and Director Liability Abstract   PDF
Paul Blyschak
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