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Vol 46, No 4: Special Issue: International Law and Democratic Considerations Beyond Lawfare: Juridical Oversight of Western Militaries Abstract   PDF
Christopher Waters
VOL 30, NO 4 Beyond R. v. Sault Ste. Marie: The Creation and Expansion of Strict Liability and the Due Diligence Defence Abstract   PDF
N. J. Strantz
VOL 19, NO 3 Beyond the B.N.A. Act - Amendment and Patriation Abstract   PDF
Geoffrey Marshall
VOL 30, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: WOMEN AND THE LAW Bias in the Legal Profession: Perceptions and Experiences Abstract   PDF
Joan Brockman
Vol 43, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Bill C-45 and the Canadian Petroleum Industry Abstract   PDF
Norm Keith, James Ferguson
Vol 25, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Bill C-92: The Canada Petroleum Resources Act Abstract   PDF
Edward J. Evans
VOL 3, NO 1 Bill of Rights - Failure of Courts to Apply Substantive Due Process - Regina v. Gonzales Details   PDF
Gary G. Cioni
VOL 4, NO 1 Bills and Notes - Whether Close Relationship between Retailer and Finance Company Such That Latter Not Entitled to Claim as Holder in Due Course Details   PDF
Arnold McMillan
VOL 34, NO 2 Biological Diversity and Alberta Law Abstract   PDF
P. S. Elder
VOL 28, NO 3 Book Reviews on the Law of the Sea Details   PDF
L.C. Green
VOL 35, NO 4 Borrowed Power: Essays on Cultural Appropriation, Bruce Ziff & Pratima Rao, eds. Details   PDF
Kamal Puri
VOL 39, NO 4 Bounty and Benevolence: A History of Saskatchewan Treaties by Arthur J. Ray, Jim Miller, and Frank J. Tough (Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2000) Details   PDF
Gerhard J. Ens
VOL 11, NO 2 Breach of Contract - Partially Defective Performance - Effect on Right to Remuneration Details   PDF
J. E. Cote
VOL 23, NO 3 Breathalyzer, Detention, and the Right to Counsel: R. v. Therens Details   PDF
Kate Welsh
VOL 41, NO 4 Brief Investigatory Detentions: A Critique of R. v. Simpson Abstract   PDF
Tim Quigley
Vol 41, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition British Columbia Offshore Oil and Gas Law Abstract   PDF
Al Hudec, Van Penick
VOL 36, NO 3 Business Applications of the Express Trust Abstract   PDF
Robert Flannigan
Vol 50, No 4 "But I Didn't Mean To": The Role of Intent in American and Canadian Anti-Preference Law Abstract   PDF
Clayton Bangsund
VOL 31, NO 2 By Her Own Authority: The Scope of Midwifery Practice under the Ontario Midwifery Act, 1991 Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Massey
Vol 54, No 2: Energy Law Edition Calculating the Incalculable: Principles for Compensating Impacts to Aboriginal Title Abstract   PDF
Sam Adkins, Bryn Gray, Kimberly Macnab, Gordon Nettleton
Vol 48, No 3 Calculations of Conscience: The Costs and Benefits of Religious and Conscientious Freedom Abstract   PDF
Howard Kislowicz, Richard Haigh, Adrienne Ng
VOL 33, NO 4: SPECIAL ISSUE: THE LEGAL PROFESSION AND ETHICS Calgary and Everything after: A Postmodern Re-Vision of Lawyering Abstract   PDF
Allan C. Hutchinson
Vol 50, No 4 Calgary's Specialized Domestic Violence Court: An Evaluation of a Unique Model Abstract   PDF
Leslie M. Tutty, Jennifer Koshan
Vol 31, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition California Gas: A Brief History and Recent Events Abstract   PDF
Alan S. Hollingworth
Vol 47, No 3: Rethinking Canadian Homicide Law Calm Like a Bomb: An Assessment of the Partial Defence of Provocation Abstract   PDF
Wayne N. Renke
VOL 30, NO 2: CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES Can Canada Survive the Charter Abstract   PDF
Charles Taylor
VOL 39, NO 3 Can Prisons Work? The Prisoner as Object and Subject in MODERN CORRECTIONS, Stephen Duguid (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2000) Details   PDF
Wayne N. Renke
Vol 45, No 2 Can the World's Poorest Women Be Saved?: A Critical Third World Feminist Analysis of the CEDAW's Rural Women's Economic Rights and Alternative Approaches to Women's Economic Empowerment Abstract   PDF
Amanda Ulrich
Vol 50, No 1 Canada (A.G.) v. PHS Community Services Society — The Insite Decision Abstract   PDF
Cameron Ward
VOL 35, NO 3 Canada (Attorney General) v. Roger M. Bourbonnais Professional Corporation Details   PDF
David J. Stratton Q.C., Debbie L. Hughes
Vol 52, No 2: Energy Law Edition Canada's Aging Oil and Gas Infrastructure: Who Will Pay? The Public and Private Cost Recovery Frameworks Abstract   PDF
Michael A. Marion, Michael G. Massicotte, Jessica L. Duhn
VOL 30, NO 2: CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES Canada's Constitutional Options Abstract   PDF
J. P. Meekison
VOL 33, NO 1 Canada's Courts by Peter McCormick Details   PDF
Roderick C. Macleod
Vol 51, No 1 Canada's Next Step in Tobacco Control Laws: Is Plain Packaging Legislation a Viable Proposal? Abstract   PDF
Mariette Brennan
VOL 24, NO 2 Canada...Notwithstanding by Romanow, Whyte, and Leeson Details   PDF
B Elman
Vol 22, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Agreement: One Year Later Abstract   PDF
G. J. Doucet, Q.C.
VOL 4, NO 3 Canadian and Alberta Statutes Dealing with Land Titles and Real Property Details   PDF
E. F. Gamache
Vol 42, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Canadian Challenges in Implementing the Kyoto Protocol: A Cause for Harmonization Abstract   PDF
Elisabeth DeMarco, Robert Routliffe, Heather Landymore
Vol 36, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Canadian Companies Beware: The U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Applies to You Abstract   PDF
Robert A. Bassett
VOL 36, NO 3 Canadian Constitutional Law in a Nutshell Abstract   PDF
David Beatty
VOL 34, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION Canadian Dispute Resolution Corporation Details   PDF
David G. Gould Q.C.
VOL 5, NO 2 Canadian Federalism: The Legal Perspective Details   PDF
F. R. Scott
VOL 30, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: WOMEN AND THE LAW Canadian Feminism and the Law: The Women's Legal Education and Action Fund and the Pursuit of Equality by Sherene Razack Details   PDF
Lois Gander
VOL 27, NO 2 Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation Details   PDF
Suzan A. Hebditch
Vol 3, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Canadian Income Tax Law Affecting the Petroleum Industry: Mergers and Amalgamations Details   PDF
G. H. Allen, Q.C.
Vol 3, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Canadian Income Tax Law Affecting the Petroleum Industry: The Depletion Allowance to an Oil and Gas Resource Details   PDF
N. J. Stewart
Vol 3, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Canadian Income Tax Law Affecting the Petroleum Industry: Withholding Taxes Details   PDF
M. E. Jones, Q.C.
VOL 25, NO 2 Canadian Labour Law Details   PDF
James C. Robb
VOL 14, NO 2 Canadian Perspectives on International Law and Organization: Systems-Building and the Role of Law Details   PDF
A. Clayton Rice
VOL 29, NO 4 Canadian Perspectives on Legal Theory, edited by Richard F. Devlin Details   PDF
Frederick DeCoste
Vol 32, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Canadian Production in and to American Markets: Bilateral Trading Issues Abstract   PDF
R. W. Riegert, R. J. Lane
VOL 35, NO 4 Canadian State Trials Vol. I: Law, Politics, and Security Measures, 1608-1837, F. Murray Greenwood & Barry Wright, eds. Details   PDF
Roderick Macleod
VOL 17, NO 3 Canadian Women as Legal Persons: How Alberta Combined Judicial, Executive and Legislative Powers to Win Full Legal Personality for All Canadian Women - The Jubilee of Henrietta Muir Edwards and Others v. Attorney-General for Canada decided October 18, 1929 Abstract   PDF
Olive M. Stone
VOL 3, NO 2 Capital Murder - Whether Murder Planned and Deliberate - Weight to be Attached to Expert Medical Evidence - Whether Substantial Wrong or Miscarriage of Justice Details   PDF
Helmut Landman
VOL 5, NO 2 Capital Punishment Details   PDF
L. T. Pennell
VOL 27, NO 3 Career Handbook for Law Students Details   PDF
Deborah M. Howes
VOL 38, NO 2 Case Comment on R. v. Marshall Details   PDF
W.H. Hurlburt
VOL 25, NO 2 Case Comment on St. Anne-Nackawic Pulp & (and) Paper Co. Ltd. v. Canadian Paperworkers' Union, Local 219 Details   PDF
Andrew C. L. Sims
VOL 41, NO 2 Case Comment: Halpern v. Canada (A.G.) Details   PDF
Julie C. Lloyd
VOL 29, NO 3 Case Comment: Peel v. Great Atlantic Pacific Co. of Canada Et Al Details   PDF
Ivan F. Ivankovich
VOL 31, NO 4 Case Comment: R. v. Bata Industries Ltd. Details   PDF
Nancy J. Stranz
Vol 43, No 4 Case Comment: Retroactivity, Social Obligation and Child Support Abstract   PDF
Lucinda Ferguson
VOL 32, NO 1 Case Comment: Scott v. Birdsell Limitation Periods in Medical Malpractice Cases Details   PDF
Gerald B. Robertson
VOL 40, NO 2 Castillo v. Castillo: Limitation Periods and the Conflict of Laws Details   PDF
Gerald Robertson
Vol 50, No 3: Special Issue: Insurance Law Causation in Canadian Insurance Law Abstract   PDF
Erik S. Knutsen
VOL 35, NO 4 Causation in Tort Law: Back to Basics at the Supreme Court of Canada Abstract   PDF
Mitchell McInnes
VOL 39, NO 2 Caveat Emptor and the Sale of Land: The Erosion of a Doctrine Abstract   PDF
Don J. Manderscheid
VOL 31, NO 2 Caveat Medicus: Practising with Another Dentist May Be Hazardous to Your Financial Health Abstract   PDF
Gerald D. Chipeur
VOL 36, NO 4 Censorship as Free Speech - Free Expression Values and the Logic of Silencing in R. v. Keegstra Abstract   PDF
Terry Heinrichs
VOL 22, NO 3 Certain Peculiar Aspects of Directors' Powers and Obligations under the Business Corporations Act Details   PDF
R. W. Ewasiuk
VOL 12, NO 3 Challenges for Cause Abstract   PDF
Allan A. Fradsham
VOL 4, NO 1 Challenging Directors and the Rule in Foss v. Harbottle Details   PDF
S. Chumir
VOL 5, NO 2 Changing Patterns of Hospital Liability in Canada Details   PDF
Allen M. Linden
Vol 34, No 3: Petroleum Law Edition Chapter 12: Model Form International Operating Agreement: A Practical Approach to Drafting Issues Abstract   PDF
P. Sean Murphy
VOL 27, NO 3 Charitable and Non-Profit Corporations in Alberta - An Update on Legal and Tax Issues Details   PDF
David G. Roberts
VOL 27, NO 2 Charter Issues in Civil Cases Details   PDF
June Ross
VOL 31, NO 2 Charter Justice in Canadian Criminal Law by Don Stuart Details   PDF
Richard A. Stroppel
Eugene E. Dais
M. Anne Stalker
Vol 22, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Chartering of Offshore Supply Vessels in the Canadian Sphere - Some Legal Implications Abstract   PDF
James E. Gould
VOL 36, NO 4 Charting the Consequences: The Impact of Charter Rights on Canadian Law and Politics by David Schneiderman and Kate Sutherland Details   PDF
Alan Cairns
Vol 49, No 1 Charting the Wrong Course: The Doctrine of Legitimate Expectations in Investment Treaty Law Abstract   PDF
Trevor Zeyl
Vol 46, No 4: Special Issue: International Law and Democratic Considerations Chávez, the Organization of American States, and Democracy in International Law Abstract   PDF
Paul Martin
Vol 43, No 4 Child Representation in Alberta: Role and Responsibilities of Counsel for the Child in Family Proceedings Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Bala
VOL 34, NO 4 Choosing the Right Words: Interpreting Rent Review and Renewal Clauses in Commercial Leases Abstract   PDF
Gary R. Menzies
Vol 47, No 4 Circular Priorities in Secured Transactions Law Abstract   PDF
Roderick J. Wood
VOL 42, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: CIVIL JUSTICE AND CIVIL JUSTICE REFORM Civil Justice Reform and Mandatory Civil Mediation in Saskatchewan: Lessons from a Maturing Program Abstract   PDF
Julie MacFarlane, Michaela Keet
VOL 1, NO 4 Civil Liberties and the Canadian Constitution Details   PDF
L. H. Leigh
VOL 24, NO 3 Civil Litigation: A Practical Handbook by Stockwood Details   PDF
J.E. Cote
VOL 30, NO 4 Civil Procedure and Practice: Recent Developments Abstract   PDF
Glen H. Poelman, Alan S. Rudakoff
VOL 41, NO 2 Civil Procedure and Practice: Recent Developments Abstract   PDF
Glen H. Poelman, Eugene J. Godnar, Wendy K. McCallum, James F. Maxwell
VOL 37, NO 4 Civil Procedure and Practice: Recent Developments Abstract   PDF
Glen H. Poelman, Eugene J. Bodnar
VOL 28, NO 3 Civil Procedure and Practice: Recent Developments Details   PDF
Glen H. Poelman, Alan S. Rudakoff
VOL 12, NO 3 Civil Rights in Juvenile Courts Abstract   PDF
Brian Kaliel
VOL 28, NO 4 Clearing the Air: An Examination of International Law on the Protection of the Ozone Layer Abstract   PDF
Timothy C. Faries
VOL 33, NO 1 Clerking at the Supreme Court of Canada Abstract   PDF
Mitchell McInnes, Janet Bolton, Natalie Derzko
VOL 39, NO 2 Clones, Controversy, and Criminal Law: A Comment on the Proposal for Legislation Governing Assisted Human Reproduction Abstract   PDF
Timothy Caulfield
VOL 40, NO 2 Clones, Controversy, Confusion and Criminal Law: A Reply to Professor Caulfield Details   PDF
Sanjeev Anand
Vol 42, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Coalbed Methane: Conventional Rules for an Unconventional Resource Abstract   PDF
Janice Buckingham, Patricia Steele
Vol 30, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Cogeneration: An Overview Abstract   PDF
J. Thomas Brett
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