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VOL 3, NO 2 Adiz, International Law, and Contiguous Airspace Details   PDF
Ivan L. Head
VOL 1, NO 6 Administration of Estates Details   PDF
C. B. Clark
VOL 4, NO 3 Administrative Evidence Details   PDF
Keith Turner
VOL 18, NO 3 Administrative Fairness in Alberta Abstract   PDF
David Phillip Jones
VOL 3, NO 1 Administrative Law - Privative Clauses - The Rammell and Farrell Cases Details   PDF
Sheldon M. Chumir
VOL 1, NO 6 Administrative Law - Privative Clauses in Workmen's Compensation Legislation Details   PDF
Bruce H. Jackson
VOL 29, NO 3 Administrative Tribunals and the Charter, by Neil R. Finkelstein and Brian MacLeod Rogers Details   PDF
Robert Maybank
VOL 6, NO 2 Administrator Ad Litem - Traps and Pitfalls - Rule 63 of the Consolidated Rules of Court Details   PDF
Howard L. Irving
VOL 28, NO 4 Admissibility of Statements, Seventh Edition by Rene Marin Details   PDF
Richard A. Stroppel
Vol 45, No 4 Advisory Review: The Reincarnation of the Notwithstanding Clause Abstract   PDF
Richard Albert
VOL 41, NO 2 Advocacy in the New Millennium Abstract   PDF
Fred Ferguson
VOL 14, NO 2 Affidavits and Statutory Declarations Details   PDF
W. H. Hurlburt, Q.C.
Vol 46, No 3 After Labaye: The Harm Test of Obscenity, the New Judicial Vacuum, and the Relevance of Familiar Voices Abstract   PDF
Richard Jochelson
Vol 8, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement: Oil and Gas Joint Venture Agreements After Acquired Rights, Restraint on Alienation and Perpetuities Problems in Joint Venture Agreements Abstract   PDF
B.V. Reed, John Stein, John Klebuc, T. C. Wakeling, R. B. Laschuk
VOL 39, NO 4 Age of the Living Dead: Personality Rights of Deceased Celebrities Abstract   PDF
David Collins
VOL 19, NO 2 Agreements for Sale to Corporations - The Remedy of Extra-Judicial Determination Abstract   PDF
Francis C. R. Price
VOL 21, NO 2 Agreements for Sale to Corporations - The Remedy of Extra-Judicial Determination: Update 1983 Abstract   PDF
Francis C. R. Price
Vol 44, No 4 (2007) Agricultural Biotechnology and the "Early-Working" Exemptions Under the Patent Act Abstract   PDF
Martin Phillipson
VOL 31, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: THE POWER OF THE PURSE: FINANCIAL INCENTIVES AS REGULATORY INSTRUMENTS Aid for Sisyphus: Incentives and Canadian Content Regulation in Broadcasting Abstract   PDF
H. N. Janisch
VOL 34, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society Details   PDF
Peter Portlock
Vol 30, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Alberta Gas in United States Markets: Canadian and American Perspectives on Competition, Constitutional and Contract Enforcement Issues Abstract   PDF
C. Kemm Yates, Patrick J. Keeley
Vol 17, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Alberta, Oil, and the Constitution Abstract   PDF
David E. Thring
VOL 38, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS Alberta ProvincialJudges Association v. Alberta: Trust and Rationality Details   PDF
Michael Plaxton
VOL 29, NO 4 Alberta's Court of Next-to-Last Resort: Appeals from the Alberta Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, 1970-1990 Abstract   PDF
Peter McCormick
VOL 43, NO 2 Alberta's Energy and Utilities Board and the Constitution of Canada Abstract   PDF
Nickie Vlavianos
Vol 43, No 3: Special Issue: Privacy Law Alberta's Statutory Privacy Regime and its Impact on the Workplace Abstract   PDF
Sandra M Anderson
Vol 31, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Albertan Gas Storage Reservoirs: A New Direction for Royalty Administration Abstract   PDF
Colin Q. Winter
Vol 48, No 1 Alberta’s Approach to Local Governance in Oil and Gas Development Abstract   PDF
Nickie Vlavianos, Chidinma Thompson
Vol 50, No 1 Alberta’s Insurance Amendment Act: Meaningful Change or a Long Arrow with a Short Bow? Abstract   PDF
Barbara Billingsley
Vol 56, No 1 Alberta’s Oil Sands: An Unsecured Asset? An Analysis of the Mine Financial Security Program in Relation to Surface Mining of the Alberta Oil Sands Abstract   PDF
Michelle Cook
Vol 53, No 2: Energy Law Edition Aligning Energy Development with the Interests of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada Abstract   PDF
William M. Laurin, JoAnn P. Jamieson
Vol 52, No 2: Energy Law Edition All Aboard!! — Legal and Commercial Issues in Transporting Crude by Rail Abstract   PDF
Keith Byblow, Dufferin Harper, Paul Blyschak
VOL 28, NO 2: CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES Altering the Judicial Mind and the Process of Constitution-Making in Canada Abstract   PDF
Bruce P. Elman
VOL 34, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION Alternative Dispute Resolution and Environmental Conflict: The Case for Law Reform Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth J. Swanson
Vol 33, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Alternative Dispute Resolution: Use and Abuse of Information and Specialized Knowledge Abstract   PDF
Judith A. Snider, C. Kemm Yates
Vol 55, No 1 Alternative Fact? More Democratic States Are More Likely to Provide Refugee Protection Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Perryman
Vol 16, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement Alternative Methods of Industry Financing Founded on Recent Income Tax Innovations Abstract   PDF
J. C. Crawford
Thomas O. Davis
VOL 33, NO 4: SPECIAL ISSUE: THE LEGAL PROFESSION AND ETHICS Alternative Visions of the Legal Profession in Society: A Perspective on Ontario Abstract   PDF
Carole Curtis
VOL 20, NO 2 Alternatives to the Courts in Canada Abstract   PDF
Russell L. Horrocks
Vol 49, No 3 Ambiguity and the Amendments to the Alberta Land Stewardship Act Abstract   PDF
Maria Lavelle
Vol 45, No 3: Petroleum Law Edition American and Canadian Civil Actions Alleging Human Rights Violations Abroad by Oil and Gas Companies Abstract
Jonathan Horlick, Joe Cyr, Scott Reynolds, Andrew Behrman
Vol 8, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement: Oil and Gas Joint Venture Agreements American Tax Considerations in the Drafting of Canadian Joint Operating Agreements Abstract   PDF
John F. Curran
Vol 55, No 1 An Action on the Equities: Re-Characterizing Bhasin as Equitable Estoppel Abstract   PDF
Krish Maharaj
VOL 1, NO 5 An Address by the Honourable Mr. Justice I. C. Rand to the Alberta Section of the Canadian Bar Association Details   PDF
I. C. Rand
VOL 7, NO 1 An Administrative Division of the New Zealand Supreme Court - A Proposal for Law Reform Abstract   PDF
J. F. Northey
VOL 29, NO 4 An Advocacy Primer, by Lee Stuesser Details   PDF
Jean Cote
Vol 55, No 3 An Analysis of Costs Awarded by the Alberta Energy Regulator Abstract   PDF
Shaun Fluker, Eric Dalke
VOL 25, NO 3 An Analysis of Section 15 of the Charter after the First Two Years or How Section 15 Has Survived the Terrible Twos Abstract   PDF
T. W. Wakeling, G. D. Chipeur
VOL 28, NO 4 An Appeal to Justice: Publicly Funded Appeals and R. v. Robinson - R. v. Dolejs Details   PDF
David Schneiderman, Charalee F. Graydon
Vol 7, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement: A Study of Conservation of Oil and Gas An Appraisal of Alberta's New Prorationing Scheme Abstract   PDF
Steve Vavra
Vol 33, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition An Attorney's Perspective on Emerging New Venture Opportunities for Petroleum Projects in Latin America Abstract   PDF
Jay G. Martin
Vol 56, No 1 An Ethical-Legal Analysis of Medical Assistance in Dying for Those with Mental Illness Abstract   PDF
Ryan Tanner
VOL 21, NO 3 An Examination of Mistaken Payments: Hydro Electric Commission of Township of Nepean v. Ontario Hydro Details   PDF
Roland Sturm
VOL 19, NO 2 An Historical Examination of Alberta's Legal System - The First Seventy-Five Years Abstract   PDF
W. G. Morrow
VOL 34, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION An Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution Abstract   PDF
Joanne Goss
VOL 24, NO 3 An Introduction to Section 15(1) of the Charter Abstract   PDF
T. W. Wakeling
VOL 33, NO 1 An Introduction to the Tax Recovery Act Abstract   PDF
Don J. Manderscheid
Vol 44, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition An Introduction to the Use of Publicly Available Information in Assessing and Managing Aboriginal Risks Abstract   PDF
A.W. (Sandy) Carpenter, Peter D. Feldberg
Vol 44, No 3: Petroleum Law Edition An Introduction to Various Issues Surrounding the Ownership of Storage/Pipeline Gas Abstract   PDF
Chris Simard, Andrew Lamb
Vol 44, No 2 (2006) An Introduction to Various Issues Surrounding the Ownership of Storage/Pipeline Gas Abstract   PDF
Chris Simard, Andrew Lamb
VOL 6, NO 2 An Introductory Discussion of Criminology and Some of Its Components Abstract   PDF
Burke M. Barker
VOL 2, NO 1 An Outline on the Panel Discussion on "Expropriation Procedure and Compensation" at the 1961 Annual Meeting of the Law Society of Alberta Details   PDF
W. F. Bowker, A. F. Macdonald, A.M. Brownlee, E. D. Foote, W.H. Angus
Vol 33, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition An Overview of Alberta's Recent Legislation on Natural Gas Royalty Simplification and Gas Storage Abstract   PDF
Glen Acorn, Michael W. Ekelund
Vol 26, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement An Overview of the New Competition Law: Issues for the Oil and Gas Industry Abstract   PDF
Lawson A. W. Hunter, John F. Blakney
VOL 19, NO 3 An Overview of the Trudeau Constitutional Proposals Abstract   PDF
Richard Simeon
Vol 27, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement An Update on Some Deductions, Credits and Incentives in the Oil and Gas Industry Abstract   PDF
David W. Ross
VOL 29, NO 4 Analogous Grounds of Discrimination under the Canadian Charter: Too Much Ado about Next to Nothing Abstract   PDF
Dale Gibson
VOL 40, NO 4 Animals and Political Community: Preliminary Reflections Prompted by Bill C-10 Abstract   PDF
F. C. DeCoste
Vol 31, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Apology Regarding Recent Judicial Developments of Interest to Oil and Gas Lawyers Abstract   PDF
Edward A. Leew, Michael A. Thackray
VOL 8, NO 3 Appeal to Supreme Court of Canada in Bankruptcy Matters Details   PDF
John B. Ballem Q.C.
Vol 56, No 1 Apples to Oranges? Gendered Damages in Personal Injury Litigation: A Focus on Infant Claims Abstract   PDF
Kathleen Renaud
VOL 40, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: THE STINCHCOMBE PROJECT: THE LAW OF DISCLOSURE IN CANADA Applications for Third-Party Records: The Realtionship of the O'Connor Procedure to Other Application Procedures Abstract   PDF
Wayne N. Renke
VOL 29, NO 2 Applying the Charter to Discretionary Authority Abstract   PDF
June M. Ross
VOL 6, NO 2 Appointment of Judges Abstract   PDF
W. H. Hurlburt Q.C.
Vol 53, No 4: Special Issue: Tort Law Apportionment of Damages for Contributory Negligence: The Causal Potency Criterion Abstract   PDF
James Goudkamp, Lewis Klar
VOL 18, NO 2 Arbitration as a Strike Substitute in Labour Negotiations - Public Policy Reconsidered Abstract   PDF
Mordehai Mironi
VOL 33, NO 3 Are Academic Freedom and Free Speech Defences to Poisoned Educational Environment - What Can Ross Tell Us about Sexual Harassment Abstract   PDF
Shirish P. Chotalia
Vol 51, No 4: Special Issue: The Future of Law School Are Clinics a Magic Bullet? Abstract   PDF
Deborah J. Cantrell
Vol 45, No 5: Proceedings of the Law Society of Alberta's 100th Anniversary Conference Are Lawyers Regulatable? Abstract   PDF
Duncan Webb
Vol 54, No 2: Energy Law Edition Area of Mutual Interest Agreements and Canadian Competition Law Considerations Abstract   PDF
Frank Alexander, Erik Arnold
Vol 37, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Aspects of International Petroleum Agreements Abstract   PDF
Don Greenfield, Bob Rooney
Vol 46, No 3 Assessing Canada’s Regulatory Response to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: Lessons for Canadian Policy Makers Abstract   PDF
Stephen P. Sibold, Q.C.
Vol 50, No 2: Energy Law Edition Assessment and Analysis of the Decision of the Alberta Court of Appeal in OMERS Energy v. Alberta (Energy Resources Conservation Board) Abstract   PDF
Alicia Quesnel, Aaron Rogers
VOL 13, NO 3 Assessment of Damages for Permanent Incapacitating Injuries Abstract   PDF
Donna Lea Hawley
Alberta Law Review
VOL 6, NO 2 Auto Accident Compensation in Alberta: Toward Peaceful Coexistence Abstract   PDF
Allen M. Linden
Vol 48, No 3 Auto Insurance as Social Contract: Solving Automobile Insurance Coverage Disputes Through a Public Regulatory Framework Abstract   PDF
Erik S. Knutsen
Vol 54, No 3: Special Issue: Health Law Autonomy and Beneficence in Assisted Dying in Canada: The Eligibility of Mature Minors Abstract   PDF
Juliet Guichon, Farah Mohamed, Kim Clarke, Ian Mitchell
Vol 54, No 3: Special Issue: Health Law Autonomy, Equality, and Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Abstract   PDF
Erin Nelson
VOL 16, NO 1 Bailee's Liability for Failure to Warn Bailor of Lack of Insurance: Source of the Duty of Care Abstract   PDF
M. M. Litman
VOL 9, NO 1 Bailment - Loss of Chattel Bailed - Onus of Proof - Whether Res Ipsa Loquitor Applies - Frustration - Pleadings Details   PDF
H. J. Lyndon Irwin
Vol 46, No 1 Balancing Employer Policies and Employee Rights: The Role of Legislation in Addressing Workplace Alcohol and Drug Testing Programs Abstract   PDF
Clarissa Pearce
VOL 8, NO 1 Bankruptcy - Pressure as a Defence - Fraudulent Preferences Details   PDF
Neil V. German Q.C.
VOL 9, NO 2 Bar Admission - Alberta's Experiment Details   PDF
W. A. Stevenson
Vol 39, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Basic Derivatives for the Oil and Gas Company Abstract   PDF
Mark R. Smith
Vol 4, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement: The Oil and Gas Lease Basic Provisions Governing Duration of Lease Details   PDF
R. J. Balfour, R.C. Carter, R.B. Laschuck, W.M. Loewen, E.J. Moss, B.V. Reed, T.C. Wakeling
VOL 7, NO 2 Benefits under Section 137(2) of the Income Tax Act - Craddock and Atkinson v. M.N.R. Details   PDF
E. M. Bredin Q.C.
VOL 6, NO 2 Benefits under the Income Tax Act Abstract   PDF
Frank D. Jones
VOL 33, NO 3 Beyond General Pronouncements: A Judicial Approach to Section 27 of the Charter (forthcoming) Abstract   PDF
Vern W. DaRe
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