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VOL 30, NO 2: CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Alexander Smith Details   PDF
Wilbur F. Bowker
VOL 37, NO 3 In Memoriam: Wilbur F. Bowker, O.C, Q.C. 1910-1999 Details   PDF
D. Trevor Anderson
VOL 33, NO 4: SPECIAL ISSUE: THE LEGAL PROFESSION AND ETHICS In Pursuit of Better Myth: Lawyers' Histories and Histories of Lawyers Abstract   PDF
W. Wesley Pue
VOL 39, NO 2 In Search of the Qualitative Clear Majority: Democratic Experimentalism and the Quebec Secession Reference Abstract   PDF
Cristie L. Ford
VOL 30, NO 2: CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES In the Absence of Medical Men: Midwife-Attended Home Birth, the Charter of Rights and Antique Alberta Legislation Abstract   PDF
Lynne Sears Williams, J. Chris Levy
VOL 29, NO 2 In the Balance: The Art of Norman Rockwell and Alex Colville as Discourses on the Constitutions of the United States and Canada Abstract   PDF
David Howes
Vol 54, No 1 Inadequate Reasons: The Need for Tribunal Participation in Judicial Review Litigation Abstract   PDF
Lorne Neudorf
VOL 2, NO 1 Income Tax and the Canadian Petroleum Industry Details   PDF
N. J. Stewart
Vol 16, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement Income Tax Considerations Affecting the Drilling Fund - A Practitioner's Viewpoint Abstract   PDF
Michael A. Carten
VOL 18, NO 2 Incompetent Service and Professional Responsibility Abstract   PDF
W. H. Hurlburt
Vol 8, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement: Oil and Gas Joint Venture Agreements Indemnity and Insurance Clauses in Joint Venture, Farmout and Joint Operating Agreements Abstract   PDF
D.O. Sabey, J.L. Fingarson
Vol 8, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement: Oil and Gas Joint Venture Agreements Independent Operations, Obligatory Operations and Challenge of Operator Provisions in Joint Venture Agreements Abstract   PDF
W. G. Brown
Vol 34, No 3: Petroleum Law Edition Independent Operations: Article X of the CAPL Operating Procedure Abstract   PDF
Robert P. Desbarats, Donald G. MacDiarmid
Vol 26, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Indian Oil and Gas: Control, Regulations and Responsibilities Abstract   PDF
C. A. Webb
VOL 23, NO 2 Indian Reserves on the Prairies Abstract   PDF
Richard H. Bartlett
Vol 47, No 4 Indigenous Environmental Rights in Canada: The Right to Conservation Implicit in Treaty and Aboriginal Rights to Hunt, Fish, and Trap Abstract   PDF
Lynda M. Collins, Meghan Murtha
Vol 54, No 3: Special Issue: Health Law Indigenous Mental Health: Imagining a Future Where Action Follows Obligations and Promises Abstract   PDF
Constance MacIntosh
VOL 42, NO 4 Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves: A Review of the Jurisprudence Abstract   PDF
Tom Flanagan, Christopher Alcantara
VOL 4, NO 3 Inducing Breach of Contract - Degree of Inducement Necessary to Establish Liability - Knowledge of Pre-Exisitng Contract - Re Horne & Pitfield Limited v. Western Grocers Limited Details   PDF
James E. Redmond
VOL 17, NO 3 Industrial Development Permits Abstract   PDF
D. J. Jenkins
Vol 47, No 3: Rethinking Canadian Homicide Law Inertia, Uncertainty, and Canadian Homicide Law: An Introduction to the Special Issue Details   PDF
Sanjeev Anand, Kent Roach
Vol 46, No 4: Special Issue: International Law and Democratic Considerations Influence of Public Opinion on International Law in the Nineteenth Century Abstract   PDF
Tetsuya Toyoda
VOL 31, NO 2 Information Sources in Legal Research Abstract   PDF
Mark Vale
Vol 50, No 4 Initiating a Non-Anthropocentric Jurisprudence: The Rule of Law and Animal Vulnerability Under a Property Paradigm Abstract   PDF
Maneesha Deckha
Vol 32, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Injecting Deleterious Substances into Pipelines: A Case Study of a Contamination Incident Abstract   PDF
Patricia A. McCunn-Miller
VOL 12, NO 2 Injuries to Unborn Children Details   PDF
Alec Samuels
VOL 1, NO 1 Insanity as a Defense in Criminal Law - The Legal View Details   PDF
A. B. Weston
VOL 1, NO 1 Insanity as a Defense in Criminal Law - The Medical View Details   PDF
A. D. MacPherson, M.D.
VOL 37, NO 3 Inside McClung J.A.'s Closet in Vriend v. Alberta: The Indignity of Misrecognition, the Tool of Oppressive Privacy, and an Ideology of Equality Abstract   PDF
James R. Olchowy
VOL 26, NO 3 Institute of Law Research and Reform Celebrates Twentieth Anniversary Details   PDF
Peter J. M. Lown
Vol 48, No 1 Instream Flow and Athabasca Oil Sands Development: Contracting Out/Waiver of Legal Water Rights to Protect Instream Flow — A Legal Analysis Abstract   PDF
Arlene J. Kwasniak
VOL 1, NO 3 Insurance (Accident) - Interpretation of Policy - Under the Regular Care and Attendance of a Legally Qualified Physician - Argument That Such Care Would Have Been Useless - Ambiguity of Clause Details   PDF
R. H. Allan
Vol 11, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Insurance and Indemnity Problems in Offshore Drilling Operations Abstract   PDF
W. J. Hope-Ross
VOL 1, NO 1 Insurance and the Share-the-Ride Passenger Details   PDF
L. H. Wiggins, C. E. Brown
Vol 50, No 3: Special Issue: Insurance Law Insurance Law Principles in an International Context: Compensating Losses Caused by Climate Change Abstract   PDF
Craig Brown, Sara Seck
VOL 13, NO 2 Insured's Duty of Disclosure in Canadian and English Law Abstract   PDF
Islam Ahmed Siddiqui
VOL 39, NO 4 Intellectual Property on the Cyber-Picket Line: A Comment on British Columbia Automobile Assn. v. Office and Professional Employee's International Union, Local 378 Details   PDF
Teresa Scassa
VOL 22, NO 2 Interest Obligations in Real Estate Transactions - A Researcher's Guide Abstract   PDF
H. J. Lyndon Irwin
VOL 12, NO 2 Interim Costs in Divorce Actions Details   PDF
Leonard J. Pollock
VOL 35, NO 4 Interlocutory Proceedings: Strategy & Practice by Joel P. Rochon, John A. Terry & Elaine Gray Details   PDF
Lenard M. Sali Q.C.
VOL 25, NO 2 International Business Transactions and Economic Relations Details   PDF
Philip Raworth
Vol 23, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement International Chamber of Commerce Court of Arbitration Abstract   PDF
Leonard B. Bannicke
VOL 34, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION International Commercial Arbitration and the Canadian Experience Abstract   PDF
David R. Haigh, Alicia K. Kunetzki, Christine M. Antony
Vol 47, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition International Human Rights Law and Natural Resources Projects Within the Traditional Territories of Indigenous Peoples Abstract   PDF
Nigel Bankes
VOL 8, NO 3 International Law - Arctic Sovereignty - Northwest Territories Act, R.S.C., 1906, c.62 - R. v. Tootalik Details   PDF
Tung-pi Chen
VOL 24, NO 3 International Law: A Canadian Perspective by Green Details   PDF
M.A. Adam
Vol 29, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition International Oil and Gas Developments: A Canadian Perspective Abstract   PDF
M. E. Bruton, C. J. Cummings, J. D. Todesco
VOL 36, NO 1: SYMPOSIUM ON ABORIGINAL LEGAL ISSUES Interpreting Sui Generis Treaties Abstract   PDF
James (Sakej) Youngblood Henderson
VOL 20, NO 3 Interpreting the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Applying International and European Jurisprudence on the Law and Practice of Fundamental Rights Abstract   PDF
Errol P. Mendes
VOL 35, NO 3 Interpreting the Income Tax Act: Purpose v. Plain Meaning and the Effect of Uncertainty in the Tax Law Abstract   PDF
Kerry Harnish
Vol 47, No 3: Rethinking Canadian Homicide Law Intimate Femicide: A Study of Sentencing Trends for Men Who Kill Their Intimate Partners Abstract   PDF
Isabel Grant
VOL 16, NO 3 Intrafamily Tort Immunity: Alberta's Position Abstract   PDF
Stella J. Bailey
Vol 50, No 3: Special Issue: Insurance Law Introduction Abstract   PDF
Barbara Billingsley
Vol 49, No 4: Special Issue: Administrative and Regulatory Law Introduction Abstract   PDF
Philip Bryden
Vol 48, No 4 Introduction Abstract   PDF
Val Napoleon
Vol 45, No 5: Proceedings of the Law Society of Alberta's 100th Anniversary Conference Introduction Abstract   PDF
Jim Peacock
Vol 53, No 4: Special Issue: Tort Law Introduction Abstract   PDF
Gerald B. Robertson
Vol 43, No 3: Special Issue: Privacy Law Introduction Abstract   PDF
Wayne N Renke, Marc-Aurele Racicot
Edward Rowe
Jonnette Watson Hamilton, Michael Wylie
John M. Law, Lillian Macpherson, David Schneiderman
June Ross, Diana Lowe
Treyor C.W. Farrow, Sheilah L. Martin
VOL 41, NO 2 Introduction Details   PDF
Sharon Roberts, Tim Outerbridge
Robert Chambers, Mitchell McInnes
VOL 14, NO 1 Introduction to Volume 14, Issue 1 Details   PDF
Alvin A. J. Esau
Vol 52, No 1: Alberta Court of Appeal Centenary Introduction (with reflection from Chief Justice Catherine Fraser) Abstract   PDF
Jack Watson
Vol 54, No 3: Special Issue: Health Law Introduction – The Future Role of Health Law and Medicare: The Holy Grail of Access, Quality, and Sustainability Abstract   PDF
Lorian Hardcastle, Colleen M Flood, Ubaka Ogbogu
Vol 51, No 4: Special Issue: The Future of Law School Introduction: Back to the Future of Law School Abstract   PDF
Eric M. Adams
VOL 36, NO 3 Introduction: Comments on Winnipeg Child and Family Services (Northwest Area) v. D.F.G. Details   PDF
Colin Feasby, Stuart Chambers
VOL 43, NO 2 Introduction: Infectious Diseases Forum Details   PDF
Timothy Caulfield
VOL 32, NO 4: The ALR's 100th Issue Introductions Abstract   PDF
W.A. Stevenson, Wilbur F. Bowker
VOL 11, NO 1 Invasion of Privacy Abstract   PDF
Jeremy S. Williams
Vol 46, No 4: Special Issue: International Law and Democratic Considerations Investing in Development: The Role of Democracy and Accountability in International Investment Law Abstract   PDF
Graham Mayeda
Vol 16, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement Investing in Oil and Gas Drilling Funds Abstract   PDF
Robert A. Brown
VOL 29, NO 3 Iraq, the U.N. and the Law Abstract   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 15, NO 1 Irregularity of Nullity - Rules 558 and 559 - Failure of Service of Process: Fontaine v. Serben Details   PDF
Robert A. Graesser
Vol 45, No 2 Is Development a Lost Paradise? Trade, Environment, and Development: A Triadic Dream of International Law Abstract   PDF
Upendra D. Acharya
VOL 21, NO 2 Is There an International Criminal Law? Abstract   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 32, NO 4: The ALR's 100th Issue Issues in Income Tax Accountability: An Analysis of the Rental Housing Sector Abstract   PDF
Alex S. MacNevin
Vol 54, No 4 Jake and Josie Get Drunk and Hook Up: An Exploration of Mutual Intoxication and Sexual Assault Abstract   PDF
Michael Scott
Vol 49, No 3 Join the Club: The Implications of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement's Enforcement Measures for Canadian Copyright Law Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth F. Judge, Saleh Al-Sharieh
Vol 50, No 2: Energy Law Edition Joint Ventures in the Canadian Energy Industry Abstract   PDF
Brad Grant
Vol 45, No 1 Judges and Canadian Legal Thought: The Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba 1870-1950: A Biographical History, Dale Brawn (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006) and History of Canadian Legal Thought: Collected Essays, R.C.B Risk... Abstract   PDF
James H. Muir
VOL 25, NO 2 Judges as Legislators: Not Whether But How Abstract   PDF
Dale Gibson
VOL 41, NO 4 Judging Obscenity: A Critical History of Expert Evidence. Christopher Nowlin Details   PDF
Mariana Valverde
Vol 4, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement: The Oil and Gas Lease Judicial Approach to the Petroleum and Natural Gas Lease Details   PDF
W. H. Hurlburt
VOL 42, NO 4 Judicial Assessment of the Credibility of Child Witnesses Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Bala, Karuna Ramakrishnan, Roderick Lindsay, Kang Lee
VOL 34, NO 4 Judicial Citation, the Supreme Court of Canada, and the Lower Courts: The Case of Alberta Abstract   PDF
Peter J. McCormick
Vol 52, No 3 Judicial Fundraising in Canada Abstract   PDF
Stephen GA Pitel, Michal Malecki
VOL 18, NO 3 Judicial Notice Abstract   PDF
Allan R. Flanz
VOL 28, NO 2: CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES Judicial Nullification of Statutes under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1982-1988 Abstract   PDF
F. L. Morton, G. Solomon, I. McNish, D. W. Poulton
Vol 7, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement: A Study of Conservation of Oil and Gas Judicial Review of and Appeals from Conservation Board Orders Abstract   PDF
J. B. Lowery, J. L. Snith
VOL 25, NO 3 Judicial Review of Crown Corporations Abstract   PDF
Alastair R. Lucas
Vol 51, No 1 Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Issues in Multistate Defamation on the Internet Abstract   PDF
Matthew Castel
VOL 20, NO 2 Jurisdiction Clauses and the Canadian Conflict of Laws Abstract   PDF
Gerald B. Robertson
VOL 5, NO 2 Jurisdiction in Divorce - Comity - Retroactive Effect to section 40, Matrimonial Causes Act, 1965 c. 72 - Indyka v. Indyka Details   PDF
Jeremy Williams
VOL 17, NO 3 Jurisdiction or Guardianship and Custody of Children in Canada and in England Details   PDF
Olive M. Stone
Vol 23, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Jurisdiction Over the Petroleum Resources of the Canadian Continental Shelf: The Emerging Picture Abstract   PDF
Ian Townsend Gault
Vol 17, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Jurisdictional Dilemmas in Resource Industries Abstract   PDF
William M. Elliott
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