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Clark, Donald H.
Clark, Lorenne M. G.
Clarke, Kim, Bennett Jones Law Library and Adjunct Associate Professor of Law, University of Calgary.
Clarke, Ronald V.
Clement, C. W.
Clements, Ryan
Co-Editors-in-Chief, ALR
Cochard, Renée
Cochran, Patricia, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria
Cohen, David
Cohen, Maxwell
Cohen, Ronnie, Luter School of Business, Christopher Newport University
Colabella, Rachel
Colangelo, Alex
Coleman, Lynn R.
Coleman, R. B.
Collins, David
Collins, Lynda M.
Collins, Sean F.
Colwell, Patrick M.
Connell, G. A.
Conroy, Amy, Doctoral Student, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa
Contreras, Joaquin, JD, LLM, Dentons Lopez Velarde, Mexico City.
Cook, E.
Cook, Michelle, JD, Osgoode Hall Law School; BA (Hons) with distinction, University of Toronto; and La Cité (French language certificate).
Coote, Brian
Cossman, Brenda
Costigan, Q.C., T.J.
Cote, J. E.
Cote, J. E.
Côté, J.E.
Cote, Jean
Côté, The Honourable Jean
Côté, The Honourable Justice J.E.
Cottrill, Edward J., CD, BA (Trent), MA (York), LLB (Toronto), LLM candidate (Osgoode)
Coughlan, John C.
Coughlan, Steve
Coutts, Jean
Coyle, Michael
Craig, Elaine, Assistant Professor, Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University
Craig, Jared
Craig, John N.
Craig, Leon Harold
Crang, Catherine A.
Cranwell, Mark
Craven, Greg
Crawford, J. C.
Crawford, J. C.
Crerar, David A.
Crommelin, M.
Crommelin, Michael
Crossman, Tony
Crotty, Bernard W.
Crowther, Douglas
Cumming, Peter A.
Cummings, C. J.
Cummings, C. James, Director of Legal Services, Progress Energy Canada Ltd.
Curial, Brian J.
Curran, Bruce
Curran, J. F.
Curran, John F.
Curran, Trudy, Canadian Oil Sands Limited, Calgary.
Curran, Vivian Grosswald
Currie, John H.
Curtis, Carole
Curtis, Robert
Cusano, Lou, Partner at Torys LLP
Cusano, Luigi A.
Custer, Michael, JD Candidate, 2018, University of Alberta Faculty of Law
Cyr, Joe
Cyr, Kevin, BSc, LLM (Osgoode Hall). Police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
Cyr, Kevin


Dacks, Gurston
Dais, Eugene E.
Dais, Eugene E.
Dalgleish, W.H.
Dalke, Eric, JD, University of Calgary; Associate, Counsel West Law.
Daly, Paul
Daniel, Gary J.
DaRe, Vern W.
Dauvergne, Catherine
Davies, Christine
Davies, G.
Davies, G. J.
Davies, G. J.
Davies, Gwilym J.
Davies, Marianne (Chuck)
Davies, Philip H.
Davies, W. E. D.
Davis, Thomas O.
De Castro, Morella M.
de Mestral, A. L. C.
de Villars, Anne
de Villars, Anne
Dea, J. B.
Dea, J.B.
Dechene, The Honourable Mr. Justice A. M.
Deckha, Maneesha, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria
Deckha, Maneesha
Decore, J. V.

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