Statute of Frauds

  • Douglas Stollery


The Statute of Fraud is approaching its 300th anniversary. This article analyzes the provisions and workings of those sections of the Statute of Frauds and Lord Tenterden's Act requiring some form of writing for various legal transactions. It begins with brief analysis of the historical framework in which the Statute of Frauds was passed. It then looks at the requirement of writing for contractsdiscussing firstly the operation of the requirement, then the means of avoiding the Provisions of the Statute and finally at the classes of contracts covered by the Statute. The provisions of the Statute as to trusts and of Lord Tenterden 's Act as to fraudulent representations of creditworthiness are similarly analyzed.
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Stollery, D. (1). Statute of Frauds. Alberta Law Review, 14(2), 222.